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Coach Keno and his staff have received a letter of intent from 6’9,” 200lbs  Power Forward Brice Kofane. (Name is pronounced Breese) Kofane who currently plays his high school ball at the Miller School in Charlottesville, VA, and his AAU ball in Albany, NY with the Albany City Rocks, is originally from Cameroon.  Kofane has  91 ESPN scout grade and is a four star recruit according to  He has springs and is a great shot blocker.  He also can more than hold his own on the boards.  Kofane is athletic gifted and can run great for a big.  Kevin Willard, Kofane’s coach at The Miller School had this to say about his player.

“Brice is a deer. He can run forever, and he guarded the other team’s best player, centers or point guards.  He needs to become more skilled offensively but he makes a lot of activity plays around the rim.”

More importantly, in light of recent events, is that Kofane has a reputation as a great kid.  He has a solid reputation.  He holds a 3.6 GPA from  prestigious school, and initially wanted to attend Harvard.  And on the court he is an active, coachable player, who plays the game with spirit and intensity.  Willard said this:

“Brice is already a really good defensive player and he’s a fantastic kid with a great attitude.  He can be one of the better student-athletes in the Big East at Providence.”

Kofane did take note of the incident concerning Johnnie Lacy and James Still, concerned people around Kofane, as Kevin McNamara reported in the Providence Journal, but ultimately opened the door of opportunity and playing time for him. Kofane had this to say:

“I really felt home when I went up there and I really believe on what the coaching staff and the staff and the team are doing.  I think it is the right place for me to become a great person on and off the court.

All accounts of Brice Kofane peg him as a defensive specialist who could develop into a great overall player.  Coming from Cameroon, basketball is still relatively new to Kofane and he is still learning and honing his skills.  If he can develop a solid mid-range jumper, some touch around the glass, and a strong finish he will do very well.  But in the meantime he will let his defense do the talking.  Providence is hoping he can be a shut down defender to help their struggling defense and challenge other teams at the rim.

Like most of you out there, we didn’t even know who Brice Kofane was until yesterday.  But after a little background information, we are on board.  Clearly we had no defense last year.  It went as far as announcers calling us Pro_idence, because we had no D.  So clearly something needed to be done about the complete lack of defense.  Bringing in a defensive specialist who also has the skills to become a good offensive player is a good start to fixing the problem.  Also, with the departures of Russ and James Still, we were in need of another big.  With Bilal, Kadeem, Brice, and Ron Giplaye, although none are overpowering with their size, we have enough depth for next saeson.  Plus, Kofane is a shot blocker.  We were in desperate need of someone who could create a challenge at the rim for opposing teams.

Also Coach Keno recently coming under fire, possibly unfairly, for the types of players he recruits a good, solid kid like Brice is a good thing.  As mentioned above Brice has a 3.6 GPA, is bilingual, and by all accounts a good, hard working kid.  So for all the Jim Donaldson’s out there…. there you go, it is possible to have good kids, good students, and good basketball players all in one.

On the court, as we said, Kofane is a defensive specialist.  He is great on the boards and gives great effort.  When it comes to how his Providence career plays out?… Well only time will tell.  He may not be star player on the team, but all good teams need solid role players, and Kofane looks to be exactly that.  He might not pad the stat sheet every night but he will be a contributor.  He has a ton of potential and a lot of room for improvement.  Look at what Greedy and the staff were able to do in his red shirt season.  There is no reason to believe that Kofane cannot become a really solid player in the BIG EAST.  Personally we can’t wait to see him get out there and get a chance.  With four bigs in Bilal, Kadeem, Ron, and Brice it will be interesting to watch them battle out for minutes.  But for now Brice is good news for a program that had received a little too much bad news recently.  He seems like the type of kid and player you want at your school.

Check out this link for a little get to know you video about Brice.

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We posted about Jim Donaldson’s blog yesterday and today he has his full article up about it.  Like we said before, in the closing minutes we had no intention of storming the court, but when people started going so did we, and we don’t think that is anything to be ashamed about or embarrassed about.  We respected Donaldson’s position, even though he was making weak arguments about us having a good record against UConn in the past few years and all, until he took things a little too far and embarrassed himself in the process.

It’s not about winning. It’s not about the team. It’s about self-indulgent students, out for a good time, overexcited adolescents who can’t differentiate between a good win and a great one, and could care less, as long as they get to cavort on the court, in front of the cameras.

Although we disagree with Donaldson’s stance, this passage from his article says all you need to know about him.  Apparently Jim doesn’t understand college basketball.  This was all about the team.  The students don’t go to these games to be on TV.  Trust us when we say people could care less about being on COX, because nobody is really watching anyway.  And for the games that are on ESPN, nobody is running on that court thinking that they will stand out in that crowd of people.  I think that thought is a little ridiculous.  Jim’s remark is so far off it is a embarrassing and I’m surprised it made it to print.

And how about this part from Bob Driscoll

“It was a very nice win.  But we’d like the kids to act as if we’ve done this before… We want them there. We want their enthusiasm.  But it’s not about them running on to the court, taking cell-phone pictures and sending them to their friends, asking if they saw them on TV.

Well Bob who can’t have your cake and eat it too as they say.

Once again, who is even watching COX to begin with.  Nobody is asking if they were seen on TV.  And whether we, Jim, or Bob Driscoll likes it or not we didn’t expect to win last night.  We are Providence and we are an underdog almost all of the time.  Interest is being generated.  Freshman are finding out they have something to root for in PC Basketball.  You got to take some of the bad with the good.  And if that means storming the court and upsetting the basketball gurus at ESPN or the fans of UConn than there are worse things.  Also we are glad Jim pointed out that Kansas State didn’t storm the court after beating Texas, but they were also ranked in the top 15… and if they had… who cares.  Good for them.  Good for the players, the students, the school the whole thing.  That is what Jim completely misses.  There is passion for this team.  There is school pride.  Students go to see the Friars play, and that is where there good time comes from.  And for the naivety of the fans as both Bob Driscoll and Jim pointed out… guess what… just because you go to a basketball school doesn’t mean you know everything you need to know about basketball.  Some people who stormed that court were at there first game ever.  Maybe they don’t know the difference between a good win and a great one, but does that really matter.  You can be as passionate as they come, but not know too much about basketball… because the passion is for the school, Providence College.  And when the team has success it doesn’t hurt to show off your pride.  Wednesday night was people celebrating a really good win for the school that we are all a part of.  (And for that matter why wasn’t this an issue the two years ago when we stormed against UConn, or last year when we stormed against Syracuse?  Or is it that Jim has already forgotten about those, because unless you were running on that floor you probably aren’t going to remember it down the road anyway [Pitt is the exception])

And we really ask, besides UConn fans, URI fans, the Jay Bilas’ of the world, and apparently Jim Donaldson… who cares?  News flash not many people.  Other teams and fans from around the country aren’t looking around and still thinking how laughable storming the court was.  Like we said, we probably wouldn’t have ran out on to the court, but we defend it completely.  Especially when a useless sportswriter like Jim is so hung up on it.  So maybe Jim could write some rules, as to when it is appropriate to storm the court.  Rival games are clearly out.  What about if we had hypothetically won four out of the last seven meetings with Syracuse, but we beat them when the come to The Dunk this year and they are ranked as high as they are now… do we storm?  They are #4 in the country, but four years ago we beat them by 12, they aren’t number one… so what do we do???

And Bob Driscoll, we are disappointed, the student body have never been overwhelming fans of you, but I would like to think that you would be a little more understanding.  Maybe you should set up classes on basketball fan etiquette or something.  He said he was meeting with student leaders soon to discuss the storming, we will see what happens but we have confidence in our student leaders to reason with Bob.

And by no way are we knocking the ProJo here.  Obviously we link to them all the time, and like a lot of what they put out.  Kevin McNamara just recently wrote a really good story about Greedy that we posted about.  This is about Jim Donaldson, and how he has clearly become detached from college basketball, and the Providence College fan base.  To his credit though, it must be very difficult to write about stuff you have no idea about.

On Jim Donaldson wrote on the ProJo College Hoops Blog wrote:

“…what’s up with the kids storming the court?…  Storming the court after handing a team its sixth road loss in seven games makes the local fans look desperate to celebrate SOMETHING.”

He says more in the blog but we just wanted to bring it up.  As we watched the game we weren’t sure what was going to happen if we won.  But with about two minutes left it was clear that the rest of their students were leaving their seats and getting ready to rush the court.  So naturally we didn’t just stand by our seats… we rushed the court.

Sure once you have been there to rush the court after beating a #1, nothing will probably quite compare, and usually we would say that beating a #19 school doesn’t warrant it, but we completely defend it.  If nothing else it creates excitment.  After that bad loss to USF, excitement was what was needed.  So like we said we defend it and for Jim over there at the ProJo here is why:

We aren’t sure how closely you follow PC basketball, but you should probably know that UConn is a rival for PC.  We didn’t see you getting all bent out of shape when URI rushed against PC even when they were favored to win.

UConn is UConn.  There are a few teams in college basketball (Duke, Kansas, UConn, Syracuse, UNC, Kentucky) who no matter what demand emotions from the opposing crowd.  They are the most followed teams in college basketball and because of the name on the jersey, they warrant something a little extra.  We can understand if UConn was unranked, but they were 19th in the country and had just beaten the number one team… convincingly.

This is college basketball.  We know who we are at PC.  We are not an elite team.  We are a lower team in the conference.  We aren’t supposed to beat UConn.  In fact, people didn’t think we would win another game all year.  So when we do beat a ranked rival on our home floor it isn’t an embarrassment to run out onto the court.  Do you really think that people outside of URI and UConn would have any problem with this?  No.  This is college and there is passion.  Jim doesn’t go to PC, so he can’t relate with the excitement of the students, many of whom were seeing a big east game at The Dunk for the very first time were feeling.

There are of course other reason why Jim Donaldson should have just sat back and not been so grumpy but hey, what are you gonna do?  There were a lot of good comments straightening Jim out, so make sure you check them out.  Leave a comment there, or let us know what you think here.  Is there a certain cut off where you should or shouldn’t rush the court, and if so what is it.  Maybe no team ranked worse that#15, maybe #10???  We don’t know.  Maybe, like with this UConn game, you just have to go with the flow.

We just want to call attention to an article written by Kevin McNamara in the ProJo: For PC’s high-flying ‘Greedy’ Peterson, the sky’s the limit. It is a little background on standout Greedy Peterson.  It gives you a brief insight into Greedy’s life before Providence at home in Brooklyn and the road he has taken to get the PC.  It was good to hear some of his back story.

“I started to dunk in the eighth grade. I liked it.”

That quote sounds about right to us.  But there are some interesting things in the article, including that Greedy was pushed into playing basketball and didn’t play until his junior year of high school.  Also how did Greedy come to be called Greedy?

“[Peterson is] Known as Greedy ever since his mother began scolding him for his large appetite.”

So if you get a chance read the article.

We never doubted that Greedy Peterson’s high flying dunks would land him on Sports Center’s Top Ten Plays but earning the number one play this early in the season was a bit of a surprise.  Sharaud Curry’s inbound Alley-Opp pass was absolutely slammed home by Greedy.  He leaped over two Vermont defenders and threw it down with authority, earning a “wow” from Kobe Bryant, who was a guest on Sports Center.

Link via

Kobe Bryant salutes Greedy Peterson.