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Posted: April 15, 2010 in ESPN, Miscellaneous
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Well the events of the past week, I think it would do us some good to mention something else besides the atrocious actions that took place on Monday morning.  So instead of  that, we thought we might talk about something possibly even more ridiculous than the garbage that Jim Donaldson over at the ProJo throws together (actually we don’t think it gets too much more ridiculous than that).  So how about some Bracketology!?  Sure it is only April, but why not.  Earlier Joe Lunardi came out with his first bracket, but in the spirit of the almost imminent 96-team Field he also crafted a bracket for 96.  And while PC didn’t make the 64-team version, we did make it into the field of 96 as one of Joe Lunardi’s Last Four In.  So there is that.  According to Joe, we would be a #21 and we would take on #12 North Carolina.

So for the most part we have been against the whole NCAA expansion.  Yes, we would be able to play in the tournament, us and 12 other BIG EAST teams, but for us it would seriously devalue the whole thing.  Part of the allure of the NCAA every year is the achievement of making it there, and with an expanded field that achievement is seriously limited.  Anyway, looking at a mock field didn’t help.  We weren’t sure what was more ridiculous… that 13 BIG EAST teams made it and we were in the last four in, or that there would even be such a  thing as a #21 seed.

The whole thing is just a little bit too much to take.  But hey, as of now we are in… even if its only by the skin of our teeth.