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Coach Keno and his staff have received a letter of intent from 6’9,” 200lbs  Power Forward Brice Kofane. (Name is pronounced Breese) Kofane who currently plays his high school ball at the Miller School in Charlottesville, VA, and his AAU ball in Albany, NY with the Albany City Rocks, is originally from Cameroon.  Kofane has  91 ESPN scout grade and is a four star recruit according to  He has springs and is a great shot blocker.  He also can more than hold his own on the boards.  Kofane is athletic gifted and can run great for a big.  Kevin Willard, Kofane’s coach at The Miller School had this to say about his player.

“Brice is a deer. He can run forever, and he guarded the other team’s best player, centers or point guards.  He needs to become more skilled offensively but he makes a lot of activity plays around the rim.”

More importantly, in light of recent events, is that Kofane has a reputation as a great kid.  He has a solid reputation.  He holds a 3.6 GPA from  prestigious school, and initially wanted to attend Harvard.  And on the court he is an active, coachable player, who plays the game with spirit and intensity.  Willard said this:

“Brice is already a really good defensive player and he’s a fantastic kid with a great attitude.  He can be one of the better student-athletes in the Big East at Providence.”

Kofane did take note of the incident concerning Johnnie Lacy and James Still, concerned people around Kofane, as Kevin McNamara reported in the Providence Journal, but ultimately opened the door of opportunity and playing time for him. Kofane had this to say:

“I really felt home when I went up there and I really believe on what the coaching staff and the staff and the team are doing.  I think it is the right place for me to become a great person on and off the court.

All accounts of Brice Kofane peg him as a defensive specialist who could develop into a great overall player.  Coming from Cameroon, basketball is still relatively new to Kofane and he is still learning and honing his skills.  If he can develop a solid mid-range jumper, some touch around the glass, and a strong finish he will do very well.  But in the meantime he will let his defense do the talking.  Providence is hoping he can be a shut down defender to help their struggling defense and challenge other teams at the rim.

Like most of you out there, we didn’t even know who Brice Kofane was until yesterday.  But after a little background information, we are on board.  Clearly we had no defense last year.  It went as far as announcers calling us Pro_idence, because we had no D.  So clearly something needed to be done about the complete lack of defense.  Bringing in a defensive specialist who also has the skills to become a good offensive player is a good start to fixing the problem.  Also, with the departures of Russ and James Still, we were in need of another big.  With Bilal, Kadeem, Brice, and Ron Giplaye, although none are overpowering with their size, we have enough depth for next saeson.  Plus, Kofane is a shot blocker.  We were in desperate need of someone who could create a challenge at the rim for opposing teams.

Also Coach Keno recently coming under fire, possibly unfairly, for the types of players he recruits a good, solid kid like Brice is a good thing.  As mentioned above Brice has a 3.6 GPA, is bilingual, and by all accounts a good, hard working kid.  So for all the Jim Donaldson’s out there…. there you go, it is possible to have good kids, good students, and good basketball players all in one.

On the court, as we said, Kofane is a defensive specialist.  He is great on the boards and gives great effort.  When it comes to how his Providence career plays out?… Well only time will tell.  He may not be star player on the team, but all good teams need solid role players, and Kofane looks to be exactly that.  He might not pad the stat sheet every night but he will be a contributor.  He has a ton of potential and a lot of room for improvement.  Look at what Greedy and the staff were able to do in his red shirt season.  There is no reason to believe that Kofane cannot become a really solid player in the BIG EAST.  Personally we can’t wait to see him get out there and get a chance.  With four bigs in Bilal, Kadeem, Ron, and Brice it will be interesting to watch them battle out for minutes.  But for now Brice is good news for a program that had received a little too much bad news recently.  He seems like the type of kid and player you want at your school.

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