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Joseph Young exploded for 33 points in his senior year debut with 33 points.  Yates which is ranked as high as the 4th best public highschool basketball team in the country laid a whopping 140 points in the game.  Basically, Young was advertised as an explosive scorer and, to quote

“The ultimate shooter”

At least in his first game Young lived up to the billing.  He flew under the radar for a while, but grabbing a player who has such a great shot and who is such a prolific scorer is great news for PC.  So good job Joe… keep it up.  Glad he’s with us.


Also, if you are interested ESPN has uploaded a highlight video for Gerard Coleman on his player profile page.  Check it out to get an early look at one of the best players in the country in the high school class of 2010.  Gerard Coleman

Welcome: Joseph Young

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Player Updates, Recruiting

Twitter_Logo_normalJoseph Young is a 6’2″ Shooting Guard from Houston, TX.  He is the son of former Phi SlammaJOSEPHYOUNG7_14200 Jamma brother, and NBA player Michael Young.  Young is a lights out shooter and is ranked as the 69th best player by  Young has helped lead Jack Yates High School to national rankings, and received a great deal of attention in an AAU tournament in Las Vegas where he had an outstanding showing.  Young was the last recruit to give PC a verbal.  There were reports that his father was unhappy that he chose PC over Houston, but all conflicts were resolved and Young gave a solid verbal to PC.

ESPN had this to say about Young:

Young is the ultimate shooter. He is a true shooting guard with deep range who especially likes to shoot three’s from either corner. He has great confidence in his shot and is not afraid to take the big one, and he usually makes it.

images“The Ultimate Shooter!…” Sounds like Young is a perfect fit in the Friar offense.  If he can keep his long range shot as sharp as it his he could600xPopupGallery be a great weapon for PC in the upcoming years.  Young’s verbal came as a bit of a surprise this fall and was accompanied by uncertainty about his commitment to PC over Houston, but we are really happy that Young is with us.  We feel like he is a classic PC recruit, who has been flying under the radar but is ready to take his game to the next level.  Hopefully, unlike other under the radar players, Young really does take it to the next level.  He could really be a great scorer for us.  But for now we wish Young a healthy and successful senior season, and we look forward to seeing him suit up for the Friars next year.  Welcome to the family Joseph Young.

The November signing period began today and will continue until November 18th.  PC is lookingTwitter_Logo_normal to recieve lettersofintent from the three verbal commits that have right now: ESPN Top 100 Player, Gerard Coleman, Joseph Young, and Ron Giplaye.  When each one signs we will let you know, and we will give a write up about each guy.

On that note, posted a link to a Top 25 Recruiting classes for this upcoming year as listed by  Providence was ranked 23.  This is what they had to say:

23. Providence
Top 100:
No. 69 Joseph Young (6-2, 175, G), No. 87 Gerard Coleman (6-4, 175, G)
Supporting Cast: Ron Giplaye (6-5, 200, F)

Analysis: Young drew some big crowds (comprised of college coaches) during Las Vegas’ AAU extravaganza with his scoring exploits.

Besides Syracuse, who is listed at #3 on the list, Providence is the only other BIG EAST team to appear on the list.

imagesThis is great news.  It has been a long time since PC was on a list like this, so we have to give a lot of credit to Coach Keno Davis and his staff for making an instant impact recruiting world, and bring such high quality players to PC.  Each recruiting victory helps with future recruits.  In the competitive BIG EAST a class like this, paired with this year’s freshman class will really help PC move up the ranks in the upcoming years. It would have been great to score Devon Collier, but e are really excited to get these guys on board and welcome them to the Friar Family.

UPDATE: Coach Keno Davis posted on his twitter:

It’s a great, great, great day to be a Friar!

Coach Keno Davis and the Friars received a letter of intent from each of his three verbal commits.

“We are looking forward to having Gerard, Ron and Joe join our squad next season.  All three of these student-athletes come from highly successful high school and AAU programs. They should help us continue our quest to make our program one of the elite in the BIG EAST.”

We will give our own welcome to and take on the new Friars.  But for now we’d just like to say welcome to the family.  GO PC!

Joe Young will, in fact, be a Friar, reports Kevin McNamara of the ProJo.  A couple of JOSEPHYOUNG7_14200days ago a story came out in Houston about how Michael Young, Joe’s father, was not happy that Joe chose PC of the University of Houston.  Michael Young had this to say:

“I’m sure fans at Providence weren’t really sure what was being said. But now I am happy Joseph is a Friar.”

“Joseph is self-motivated. I felt comfortable with his desire in going away and playing at a great school like Providence.”

The signing period opens in November so as it stands right now, Joe Young will join ESPN Top 100 player Gerard Coleman, and forward Ron Giplaye.

images So it appears that Joe Young will in fact be a Friar next year.  Its definitely a good sign to finally receive support from the family.  Young is a good player and an unbelievable shooter so you can’t blame his dad for wanting him to stick around his Houston program.  Hopefully there are no major changes between now and November and we see Young in black and and white next year.  As for now we wish him luck in his school year.

Kevin McNamara over at the ProJo reported that the verbal commitment from Joe YoungJOSEPHYOUNG7_14200 last week is far from a done deal.  In an article in the Houston Chronicle by Steve Campbell it was reported that Young’s father, a coach in the University of Houston program, was disappointed his son wanted to play at PC and not at UH.

“I’m really ashamed.  I’m really ashamed for me to be a basketball coach here, and my son is a good basketball player, and he’s not coming here.”

The article goes on to say that although Young has given a verbal to PC Young’s father and the rest of the UH basketball program will be recruiting Joe Young very intensely right through the November signing period.  In the mean time Coach Keno Davis has still been exploring other options, including a visit to Devon Collier at St. Anthony’s in New Jersey this past Friday.

images So apparently Joe Young isn’t a done deal.  It’s ok.  Considering how he knew his father was going to take things it seems as though there must of been something that really stood out about PC for Young.  Maybe he just really wanted to move away from the Houston area, maybe he liked the idea of an up-tempo three point oriented offense, or the thought of playing in the Big East, or maybe it was something else.  The point is it probably took something very desirable for Young to choose PC in the first place so we are guessing it will take a lot for him to leave, but than again family is always an X-factor.

For the time being we wish Joe Young the best of luck with his father and in choosing the school that is right for him.  We’d love to have him at PC.  But in the mean time Coach Keno has been doing a good job keeping other options open.

Keven McNamara at the ProJo reported that Texas star Joe Young has given a verbal JOSEPHYOUNG7_14200commitment to PC. Young, a 6’2″ 175 Junior from Houston Texas visited PC over the weekend and verbally committed on Monday.  Young’s Father, Michael Young, was a first round draft pick for the Celtics in 1984.  Young is a shooter… a 1,500 shots a day shooter.  Young’s AAU coach with the Houston Superstars, John Eurey goes as far to say:

“Best shooter in America.  There’s not one high school kid in America who can outshoot Joe Young.”

Young was looked over by a number of Big 12 schools including Texas and Oklahoma but was deemed to small to play shooting guard.

These other schools weren’t sure. Providence was.  He [Coach Chris Davis] said they needed scorers and somebody who could score against Syracuse’s zone and all those tough Big East teams. I said, ‘Joe Young is your man.’ “

Young led his team at Yates High to the Texas 4A State Title earning all state honors and championship MVP along the way.  He also was a stand out in the Reebok Summer Championship this summer.  Having just turned 16 Young is young still has a lot of potential.

imagesAs it stands right now, with the verbal from Joe Young and assuming nobody transfers at the end of this year, PC has used up all of its scholarships.  We aren’t sure how we feel about that.  You could make the argument that PC should have held out for Devon Collier, but from McNamara’s article it appears that that door is not yet closed anyway, so we will wait and see how things play out. As of now Zagsblog is reporting the Keno Davis will take a visit to legend Bob Hurley at St. Anthony’s in New Jersey to take a look at Collier.

We won’t lie, we would have really loved to see Collier in black and white next year (and still might), but we think Joe Young can be just as valuable,maybe even more so.  But instead of focusing on what we don’t have let’s focus on what we do.  PC is becoming smaller and more guard oriented, but that is not such a bad thing.  Look at what Jay Wright has been doing over at Villanova with undersized teams so effectively.

Young is an absolute three point machine. describes him as ‘the ultimate shooter.’ He has amazing range and is by all means a little bit ridiculous from behind the arc.  And considering that most of PC’s offense seems to come from out there he should be a perfect fit.  Plus this is where Young is after having just turned 16.  As he gets older he is only going to continue to develop and polish the other areas of his game.  We have a feeling that Young is a sleeper type player and was going to get more and more looks as the year went on, so kudos to the staff for recognizing his talent and getting him on board.  Although its over a year away we look forward to Young’s crazy good shooting.