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No this is not a joke, Greedy Peterson is no longer a Friar.  Kevin McNamara wrote in the ProJo earlier today that Coach Keno has dismissed Greedy from the team for a violation of team rules. The incident involved an occurrence in a dorm room with the 15 year old BABC AAU team.  The Boston Amateur Basketball Club is sending two players in Gerard Coleman and Ron Giplaye to Providence this year.  The director of there program voiced his concerns about the programs connection to Providence and said that both Gerard and Ron were disturbed by the recent events in Providence, but said that hopefully his guys can help “cleanse” the PC program.  Coach Davis had this to say in the school’s official release.

“Jamine Peterson has been dismissed from the men’s basketball team for a violation of team rules.  Jamine had a productive season in 2009-10.  However,regardless of his athletic accomplishments, it is essential to the integrity of the program that every student-athlete meets the high standards and expectations we have at Providence College.”

Greedy was without a doubt the standout on last year’s team.  He averaged 19.6 point per game and 10.2 rebounds per game, making him the first Friar to average a double-double in well over a decade.  He extended big men with his three point range and created a strong presence down low.

The move comes on the heels of the incident concerning James Still and Johnnie Lacy back in April.  Coach Keno has come under significant heat from critics and even former players (Kyle Wright) for the lack of discipline in the program.  Once again it is unclear at this time what Greedy did that was in violation; however, the recent occurances probably played an impact in the dismissal of the teams best player, and one of the up and coming players in the BIG EAST.

So wow.  This one hasn’t completely set in just yet.  Wow!  This comes as a real big surprise.  There has been some chatter in the last couple days that Greedy might have been on the way out, but us here at PFB honestly, and quite wrongly dismissed it as nothing more than a rumor.  Shame on us, but can you completely blame us, where did this even come from!?  The school hasn’t said what rules Greedy violated, not to be unethical here, but you have to think that it must have been pretty serious to kick out a player who averaged 20 points and 10 rebounds and is one of the up and coming players in the BIG EAST.  Then again, this comes on the heels of the James Still/Johnnie Lacy incident in April.  Coach Keno has come under pressure for the lack of discipline on the team, and the school has taken some heat as well, so maybe that played a role.  Either way it has been a tough few months on Coach Keno, the team, and the school.

So in a year when only three seniors were on the team, we have seen 7 players go, only two of them seniors (Sharaud and BMac).  The ‘natural’ departure of Sharaud hurt, but none of the others ones really were too bad; that is until Greedy was removed.  For those of you who follow the recruiting game on any level you know there is a lot of reason to be optimistic about the program, but this seems to be a step back, at least on the court.  We were looking at a Greedy, Bilal big game with some decent young support coming in.  Now we are left with Bilal and Ray Hall as the only veteran bigs.  We love Ray, but he is not a full game player, and we are all familiar with Bilal’s foul problems.  That leaves freshmen Kadeem, Brise, and Ron to step into that role.  We assumed that either Brice or Ron would red shirt, and that still may be the case, but it would make for a very thin lineup down low.  That said, however, look for PC to try and sign another big soon.  Kevin Noreen has been getting a lot of looks, but has also been recruited hard by other schools. Even with Noreen we have become an incredibly young team, with no juniors and only two seniors. But we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

Greedy will be missed.  We are well aware that there are some people out there who might be happy, what with Greedy’s nonexistent defense and all, but there were more positives that negatives.  Greedy was a student body favorite.  He excited the crowd, and even gave the team some exposure with his out of the gym dunks and Sports Center plays.  He was an offensive power and did more good than bad on the court.  He will leave a big hole that we thought was going to be solidly filled for the next two years.  Off the court it is difficult to say too much because we don’t know what rules Greedy violated, but to some extent you have to be happy that the school is cracking down and making the necessary steps to ensure that the reputation of Providence College and the PC Basketball team isn’t damaged any further.  This clearly does not help the on the court progress for next season, but it may help with the infrastructure of the program and its ‘cleansing.’

Like we said this is quite a surprise and we aren’t sure quite how to react to it or what to make of it right yet, but once it settles we will return to the subject.  In the mean time we will be looking for any new developments and we will try to stay up to date with the possibility of a new recruit coming in to fill up the hole.  So for now, we wish Greedy well in whatever is in his future, and hopefully we don’t lose any more players before next season.

Once again sorry for the delay in the postgame, things have been a little crazy around here this week.  Since weare behind and everything that needs to be said about the game has been said we will keep this brief.

Syracuse is a very, very good team.  We personally think the fact that Villanova and Kentucky are ranked ahead of them in the latest polls is a bit of a joke.  The Orange don’t just beat teams, they blow them out (unless those teams are DePaul or Pitt) and we were no exception.  We kept things close in the first half, but in the second half, essentially without their best player, they were able to dominate.  Also, we have once again allowed someone to score a career high against us.  Kris Joseph came off of the bench to score 23 points, and Arinze Onuaku scored a season high with 20.

Vincent Council had yet another nice game.  A few too many turnovers, but 16 points and 9 assists more than makes up for that in our opinion.  Marshon was back in the starting lineup and did well.  He had 14 points, but really didn’t do too much else.  He needs him to fill up some other stat besides scoring if he is going to be a major contributor.  Greedy once again put in work.  25 points and 11 boards looks good, but that dunk was ridiculous.  He was 50% from the field, but took eight three pointers.  He made three of them, but we still aren’t sure how we feel about Greedy’s threes.  We suppose we don’t mind them too much, but some he should pass up on.

But not too much else to say.  It was a rough game, but Syracuse is a great team, and very difficult to beat in the Carrier Dome.  Marquette is up next.  The first time around things didn’t go too hot, but maybe we will fare better at home… and maybe Greedy won’t get ejected from this game.

Here is the Greedy Dunk (one of the only bright spots from this game), which we are pretty sure most of you have all seen by now, but this wouldn’t be a PC Basketball Blog if we didn’t post it.  We thought it deserved the top spot, but a botch alley oop from John Wall beat it out.  We think that had it been John Wall who threw it off the backboard to himself then dunked it, it not only would have been the #1 play, but would have been shown to death on Sports Center, but hey, #2 isn’t too shabby either.  And where ever Sports Center ranked it we all know that dunk was crazy, even if Greedy made it look easy.

After an atrocious loss on Saturday night at the Dunk, the Friars regrouped and were able to knockoff #19 Connecticut by a score of 81 to 66.  After falling down by as much as ten in the first half, the Friars were able to rally and went into the locker room leading by one.  The second half was close and the teams exchanged leads at one time, but Providence built upon their half time lead and stretch things out to as much as 18 at one time.  The Friars were led in scoring by Greedy Peterson who netted 23 points in yet another double double performance.  Bilal Dixon also had a double double and after scoring no points in the first half Sharuad Curry tallied 18 in the second.  UConn had two players score 17 in Gavin Edwards and Kemba Walker.  Walker played an outstanding game, but senior leader Jerome Dyson was not much of a factor.  With the loss UConn drops to 3-4 in the BIG EAST.  They will next take on Marquette.  With the win the Friars improve to 4-4 in league play and will travel out to Ohio to play Cincinnati in their next contest.

Going into this game we weren’t expecting too much, especially after what happened against USF on Saturday.  In the pregame we asked that we just see inspired basketball. That meant hitting the boards like never before, beating UConn on every hustle play, not taking a single play off, and most importantly an intensity on defense unlike anything we have seen from our guys this year.  We are happy to say that we got it!  By no means did we shoot the ball particularly well, but it turns out when you play defense and do the other small things you don’t always have to… how about that.

For people who were at the game, the environment was great.  It has been slow going this year so far, but the students came out for the big game and had a positive impact.  There are few things better than Greedy throwing down a put back on a PC run and having UConn call a 30 second time out, which happens to be just enough time to Fist Pump Jersey Shore Style to Sandstorm.  Speaking of Jersey shore, the large head cut-outs of Snooki and Pauly D. could have only helped our cause.  We also enjoyed the Tiger Woods head.

Back to the game though.  You look at UConn and no doubt about it they are intimidating.  They have great height and athleticism, and have NBA talent in Dyson, Walker, and Robinson.  But that never deterred the Friars.  Even with the height difference Providence played well inside.  In the first half it seemed like we were more likely to get out shots blocked by Ater Majok than to get any sort of rebound, but in the second half we owned the boards.  We wound up out-rebounding the Huskies 46 to 35 and pulled down 17 offensive boards in the process.  Hats off to Greedy and Bilal… and VC for taking control of the glass.

We also saw some defensive intensity.  Sure we got beat down the court a few many times.  Or gave up way too easy alley-oops, and maybe were caught a little out of position on small plays, or looked flat just a few times, but those were the exceptions this game which is a good thing.  There was such a noticeable change in the intensity and the effort the team put forth.  It was just great to see.  We blew it against USF, no doubt about it, but we responded as good as we possibly could have.  And that was great to see, and says a lot about this young team and Coach Keno.  And we aren’t so sure we would have beat UConn had we not lost to USF.  Maybe not though.

But it was a great game to watch, especially because we won, and it was a great atmosphere.  The team showed resilience and it is always nice to beat our neighbors in UConn.  This makes it four out of the last five or something like that.  We don’t know what it is, but we just play well against them.  Maybe Providence really is the  bain of UConn athletics.  Probably not, but its always nice to beat them on a consistent basis.

PFB Player of the Game: Greedy Peterson- We know VC had a great game.  No doubt about it.  And we know people are getting numb to Greedy’s double doubles.  But we liked Greedy in this game for a few reasons.  His work on the boards was essential.  14 rebounds is huge.  And his timing in this game was great.  He got something done when we needed.  Whether it be is first half semi-dunk when fans had nothing to cheer about, or his timely three when we were down, or his monster follow on a fast break miss that sent the crowd into an eruption as UConn had to call a time out, or retrieving a Curry air ball to put it in for a dunk, Greedy came up big.  Greedy is exciting and gets the fans into the game, which can not be underestimated.  We are taking nothing away from VC, who filled up the stat sheet with seven rebounds, eight assists, and four steals (he did have 5 turnovers).  Greedy beat or tied him in most statistics and only had one turnover, but the way VC pushed up the ball and looked in control out there was great.  But we thought Greedy with his 23 points, 14 points, three assists, and four steals was the key… but this is the closest we have come to giving a co-player of the game.


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Sorry we didn’t post this sooner.  With driving back to school and moving back in it was difficult tofind time.  But since we are late in posting this we will just have a short recap and a few thoughts.

Providence lost at Marquette on Sunday by a score of 63 to 93.  The Friars really never were never really able to get anything going.  They shot poorly from the field and allowed Marquette to shot over 60% from the floor and from behind the arch as well.  Greedy Peterson was ejected from the game near the end of the first half for throwing an elbow, and as a result eliminated any remaining chance PC had of coming back in the game.  The one bright spot for Providence was Vincent Council who started for the second time this season.  He shot 50% from both the floor and from behind the arch.  He finished with a game high 24 points.  He also added 4 assists and three offensive rebounds.  The Golden Eagles three players score over 20 points and were led by Maurice Acker who netted 23.  With the loss Providence moves to 3-3 in the conference and 11-7 overall.  Their next game will be against South Florida at home on Saturday.  The Friars will next play Matquette at home on February 6.

We weren’t able to see most of this game so we will not say much.  One thing for sure is that VC continues to impress.  24 points on the road when the rest of your team is nowhere to be found as a freshman… that is impressive.  VC has a very bright future.

Marshon and Sharuad had been playing much better until this game.  They both seemed to have very off night looking at the numbers.  Hopefully this doesn’t linger and they get back on track against South Florida this weekend.

As far as Greedy’s ejection… it would have been interesting to see how Providence did with him in for the whole game, but it wouldn’t have helped them win.  There were much bigger problems than Greedy getting tossed.  We need to have people to step up when Greedy isn’t playing.  We need people to hit the boards harder and make points for themselves.

Hopefully the next game will be better for us.  The best thing to do with this game is take away what you need to from it than put it behind you.  Hopefully the next game will be better.  We have USF up and it is a Saturday night game, and school is back in session.  Hopefully there will be a good turnout for the first BIG EAST home game while everybody is around and doesn’t have too much work.

Greedy Peterson has returned to the Sports Center Top 10 once again this season with his alley-oop dunk in the DePaul game.  Nice little give and go and soar by Greedy.

We just want to call attention to an article written by Kevin McNamara in the ProJo: For PC’s high-flying ‘Greedy’ Peterson, the sky’s the limit. It is a little background on standout Greedy Peterson.  It gives you a brief insight into Greedy’s life before Providence at home in Brooklyn and the road he has taken to get the PC.  It was good to hear some of his back story.

“I started to dunk in the eighth grade. I liked it.”

That quote sounds about right to us.  But there are some interesting things in the article, including that Greedy was pushed into playing basketball and didn’t play until his junior year of high school.  Also how did Greedy come to be called Greedy?

“[Peterson is] Known as Greedy ever since his mother began scolding him for his large appetite.”

So if you get a chance read the article.

Providence got the win last night against the visiting Rutgers University Scarlet Knights.  The Friars came out very strong in the first half building a 55-38 lead.  The first half was dominated by Greedy Peterson who put up 24 of his 29 points.  The 29 nine was a career high for Greedy.  He also pulled down a whopping 20 rebounds.  But Greedy was not the only Friar who had a good night.  Sharaud Curry added 21 points, while Brian McKenzie and Marshon Brooks also scored in double digits.  In the second half Rutgers was able to cut into the Providence lead, but the Friars seemed to always have an answer when they needed it.  For Rutgers, All-American Mike Rosario was held scoreless through most of the game and only finished with a single basket.  Rutgers was led by 26 points from Dane Miller who came off of the bench.  Jon Mitchell and Hamady Ndiaye had strong performances as well.  With the loss Rutgers loses their fourth straight and falls to 9-6 overall and 0-3 in conference play.  Things don’t get much easier for them as they next play host to Syracuse.  With the win Providence improves to 10-6 overall and 2-2 in the BIG EAST.  Their next game will be at DePaul this Thursday.

Hello Greedy Peterson!  After two poor performance and rumors of line-up changes, Greedy had a career night.  29 points and 20 rebounds.  And if Greedy could make his free throws it would be a lot more.  But, after a performance like that we will try not to take that away from him.  11-18 from the floor and 3-6 from three is just a great night for him.  Hopefully he can keep some semblance of this up in the coming games.  Oh, and that near dunk Greedy had in the second half pass from Sharaud Curry on the break… was crazy.  Yes, he was fouled and missed the dunk, but it was an in-face-reminder of what a freakazoid of an athlete he is.

The other name swirling about in the line-up changes was B-Mac.  He got the start and he did his best to justify it.  We are never expecting big things from B-Mac but performances like last night are good.  11 points and 6 rebounds are the numbers we need from him.  We weren’t a fan of all the shots he took but it was clearly an improvement from last game.  B-Mac has had other solid performances like this throughout the season, but has been unable to put together a string of good performances.  One good night doesn’t change that much, he will need to show some consistency in his play and in his numbers in the coming games.

Now for the rest of the positives.  Marshon had another solid game.  He had put together a bad run there, but came in with a second consecutive strong performance.  Hopefully he is starting to see his place on this team.  It is not completely up to him to score.  He passed better and had more effective takes to the basket.  We also liked his work on the boards, especially the offensive boards.  Sharaud has seemingly hit his stride.  The OCC was questionable at best for him, but since the BIG EAST has rolled around Sharaud looks like he has picked up where he left off last year.  Also, once again, VC came ready to play.  There is just not enough you can say about him considering he is a freshman.  We guess the best thing to say is that he dosn’t look like a freshman.  9 points and 6 assists is good stuff.  Some of his passes are just crazy too.  He makes these unbelievable passes look so easy.  Sometimes people have trouble finishing them though.  Maybe they are just surprised to see the ball in their hands, but VC can play… no surprise there.

Last night wasn’t Bilal’s greatest night.  We need more from him, especially on the boards.  He had to go up against 7-footer Hamady Ndiaye which maybe explains some of his woes.  That and the fact that Greedy stole just about every rebound there was to have.  Also, besides VC, there wasn’t that much production from the bench.  We will need more from them in the future.  The last glaring negative was the free throw shooting.  Had it not been for Sharaud, nobody on the team shot better than 50% from the charity stripe.  That has to get better, becuase if it keeps up it will be the reason we lose a game at some point this season.

Overall though it was a good game.  The team didn’t play with the intensity we probably all would have liked over the entire 40 minutes, but they played with enough to win, which last night was good enough.  Considering the league we are in we will take it, but we know that if we want to knock off any of the top teams this season nothing less than an all-out 40 minutes performance will do.  It is something we have still yet to see.  That said last night was good.  Although Providence let it get a little close on occasion, they showed enough poise to stay in control and answer back when they needed to.  They fouled a lot and their defense was not spectacular, but they held Mike Rosario to just two points, and got balanced offensive production from their first six players.  We won the rebounding battle and our assist stats looked better.  DePaul is next, and that is a winnable road game for us.  There are a few days off, to rest up and prepare.  DePaul is without a BIG EAST win and will be looking to defend their home court.  They also haven’t one a BIG EAST game in over 20 games (we are not including their BE postseason win over Cincy last year), so we need to try very hard not to be the team that ends their streak.

PFB Player of the Game: Greedy Peterson– No surprise with this one.  29 points and 20 rebounds is usually good for this sort of thing.  We really wish he hit just one more free throw and got to 30 though.  But hey, great game from Greedy.


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Providence (8-4) came from behind to defeat the Yale University Bulldogs (4-7) last night at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center.  Coming off of Finals Break the Friars came out slow and allowed Yale to add up 11 at one point, and took 30 minutes to finally get their game going with 31-13 run in the last fourth of the game.  The Bulldogs were led by the play of senior guard Alex Zampier who netted 25 points.  The Friars were led by yet another double double performance of 25 points and 13 rebounds from  Greedy Peterson.  This makes it seven on the season and three in a row for the sophomore forward.  Vincent Council also had a strong performance in the win for the Friars who end their OOC schedule with a win.  Next the Friars will have a nine day layoff before they travel to South Bend to begin their BIG EAST schedule against Luke Harangody and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Not a great game, but a win is a win.  We weren’t quite sure how the team would respond to the Iona loss and the Finals break, and for a while it didn’t look like their response was going to be good enough.  This is the first game that we weren’t able to either see or listen to on the radio, so all we had was CBS Gamecast.

In our pregame we made the mistake of saying that PC should be able to control the boards and dominate in the paint.  Whether that should have happened or not, it was clearly not the case.  The rebounding was pretty even, but Yale actually won in both offensive rebounds and total rebounds.  Not good.  We will put part of that on Bilal’s return to his fouling habits.  With the BIG EAST starting his foul troubles have to end.  We are short on size and him spending most of his time on the bench is bad news for us.  Obviously Greedy is a rebound machine, but he needs another body down there to help out.

Although it seemed for a while like this would be another Iona game, in that PC would just not be able to fully close the gap, with about 10 minutes to go the defense finally showed some life and that led to some offense.  It wasn’t a pretty win, but it was a win.  We were able to finish with the same 8-4 record as we did last year.  Will the BIG EAST go as well for us as it did last year?  Probably not, but hopefully we can have an exciting BIG EAST schedule.  Win or lose we are just happy it is finally here.

PFB Player of the Game: Vincent Council- This was difficult because we weren’t able to see the game.  We wanted to give it to Greedy who had another great game, his double doubles have almost become expected and sometimes it seems like he is the only player ready to play from the opening tip to the closing buzzer.  However, this game we will give it to VC, who by all accounts had a great game.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that he is only a freshman.  But he had great numbers and was essential to PC pulling this one out.  And apparently he had a pretty sick dunk.  Thank goodness for VC.


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Opponent: Yale University Bulldogs / Est. 1701 / New Haven, CT / Enrollment: 12,500 / Ivy League

All-time Series: Friars-8, Bulldogs-7

Location: The Dunkin’ Donuts Center (Providence, RI)

Date: Monday December, 21

Time: 7:00pm

Coverage: WEEI 103.7 FM Providence

Preview: The Friars will return from Finals to take on the Yale University Bulldogs (4-6) in their final OOC game of the season.  The Bulldogs, predicted to finish sixth in some polls, are currentlyfifth in the Ivy League.  Yale is led by returning senior guard, Alex Zampier.  Zampier is averaging 18.3 points.  He is supported by fowards Jordan Gibons and Michael Sands who are both averaging double digit scoring figures.  Providence leads Yale in almost every statistic except for Free Throw Percentage and Steals per Game.

PFB Perspective: First, we need to apologize for our recent abcence.  With it being finals week and traveling home it was hard to get up post.  There were some good things that happened last week so we will try to catch ourselves up during this week.

Finally another game.  Sitting on that terrible Iona loss was difficult all week, so it will be good to get back out there and hopefully get a win.  The team has had a week to rest up and prepare, but have also been preoccupied with finals and haven’t been able to practice fully as a team as much because of the finals.  Therefore we aren’t sure what to expect, but than again the case was probably the same for Yale so maybe it will have no effect.  Hopefully we put the Iona game behind us and close out the OOC portion of the schedule on a high note.

This game is the same as all games.  We need a consistant effort for 40 minutes from everybody on the team.  The bulldogs aren’t the greatest rebounders so PC who is one of the best rebounding teams in the country should dominate on the boards.  We would like to see PC come out and penetrate.  Yale doesn’t have great size (they do have one player at 6’11”) so it shouldn’t be too had for a player like Marshon to drive and take it to the rack, and for Greedy to clean up around the rim.  And if they can’t take it to the rim pass it out for the open three.

On paper PC is better than Yale in almost everyway, but after losing to Yale no game should be taken lightly.  We all know that we are going to take some lumps when the BIG EAST schedule starts so hopefully we can get a win tonight and wrap up the OOC with an 8-4 record (the same record we reached last year).  We won’t be able to see the game as we are back home, but we will be following it closely and will look to put up the postgame tonight or tomorrow morning.


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The Friars improved to 6-3 with a 78-62 win over the The Brown University Bears, who fell to 4-7 with the loss.  The game was close at the half, but the in the second half the Friars took control and never looked back.  PC was led by Greedy Peterson who tallied 22 points and 9 rebounds largely coming in the second half.  Kyle Wright had a good game coming off of the bench scoring 15 points and going 3 for 5 from behind the arch.  Brown had four players score in double digits, but 16 turnovers and a huge disparity in rebounds ultimately did them in.

The only player who has any amount of consistency on this team is Greedy Peterson.  It seems every game he is good for near 20 points and about 10 rebounds.  Everybody else seems to come and go.  Marshon had his second bad game in a row, Sharaud was not much of a presence and B-Mac went back to his quiet ways.  Bilal Dixon has the potential to be consistant with good point production and solid rebounding numbers, but unfortunately he consistently fouls out of games.  We talked about it and can’t quite remember a player who started on a team and had such trouble with fouling.  Bilal puts up decent numbers in limited time… imagine if he didn’t have to miss half of the game with foul trouble.

Besides the great play of Greedy once again Kyle Wright was a definite bright spot in this game.  Off the bench he had 15 points and went 3-5 from three.  We really haven’t seen too much from Kyle Wright this year so it was good to see him in action.  All the preseason reports said that he could be a big help for PC this season.  The only problem was that only games he has excelled have been against week competition (Vermont and Brown).  That may be a function of playing time or defensive styles, but clearly he can shoot the ball so we would like to see him put up some numbers against a better team.  The George Washington game would be a great time for that.

As far as the game goes, the Friars came out dead.  Once again, as a team they were unable to put together a completeperformance.  The second half was much better but even that left room for improvement.  We were looking for a repeat of the Vermont game and we didn’t get it.  To beat GW on the road we will need a 40 minute effort.  But good thing the Bears didn’t bring Emma Watson, it was already too close without her.

PC Player of the Game: Greedy Peterson Kyle Wright had a great game as well but Greedy was better.  He continues to be a beast on the boards and score in bunches.  His athleticism is amazing and he seems to bring it every night.  Which, given the lack of consistency everywhere else, is really nice.


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