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It is finals week and it has been a little difficult for us to get posts up but there aresome relevant things happening.  Instead of waiting to create a longer post on what is essential old news we thought that we would just give a few bullets about what is going on.

1. If you didn’t already see, Tim Welsh resigned as the Head Coach of Hofstra.  He made it just about a month and never coached a game.  It really is a shame that he blew a chance at coaching.  Hopefully he can get himself together, learns from this terrible mistake, and has success is the future.  Hofstra has announced that assistant Mo Cassara to head coach.

2. Our recruiting page was a disgrace.  So we have been updating it.  It is just about done now.  It is mostly just a list of who is being targeted, but does have some write ups for the more relevant players.  We like to follow recruiting here, but by no means are we experts.  The page is more for the casual fan interested in the future of PC Basketball.  So please take a look and see what you think.  We will try to be much better about updating this off-season.

3. Speaking of recruiting a big time sophomore recruit is on campus today according to his facebook.  6’9″ Khem Birch will be on campus.  He is ranked as the 19th best player in his class, and he is the real deal folks.  He would be a huge score if we were able to land him.  So if you see him make sure you let him know Providence is the place to be.

4. Sticking with the recruiting, Providence is hoping to land center Kevin Noreen.  Noreen had originally committed to Boston College, but after the firing of Al Skinner, he reopened his recruitment.  Now he continues to be recruited by Boston College, and is getting strong looks from Indiana.  Noreen was on campus several days ago.

5. Last note on recruiting.  If you haven’t already seen, Friar Basketball: PC Hoops for All has added game film to their site.  They have film from the Providence Jamfest which had some PC prospects playing.  It is lengthy, but if you have some time you should take a peek.  Also there is a good video of Naadir Tharpe that we definitely recommend watching.

6. Lastly, keep a close eye on Big Ten expansion.  We plan on doing a much bigger post on this later, but Syracuse, Pitt, Rutgers, and UConn are all possibilities to leave the BIG EAST.

Hello Tim Higgins

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We saw this and thought it might be of some interest to Friar fans.  Dana O’Neil has a piece on none other than Tim Higgins himself. Tim Higgins was at the game last night, and we know how much everybody loves Timmy.  So here is a little article and video clip of the man himself.  The article is in part a response to the questionable flagrant foul Higgins called at the end of the Syracuse Louisville game earlier this week, that effectively eliminated any change of a Syracuse win.  We thought it was interesting how other teams around have similar sentiments to PC fans when it comes to Tim Higgins.

Opponent: West Virginia University Mountaineers / Est. 1867 / Morgantown, WV /Enrollment(UG) 21,000 / BIG EAST

Ranking: AP- 8 |  ESPN- 8

All-time Series: Friars 11 |  Mountaineers 14

Location: Dunkin’ Donuts Center [12,500] Providence, RI

Date: Wednesday February, 17

Time: 7:00pm

Coverage: COX  |  ESPN 360  |  103.7FM WEEI Providence

What you should know about the Mountaineers: The Mountaineers come to the Dunk with a solid 19-5 record and a #8 ranking; however, they are coming off of a very difficult week where they lost to Villanova, and came up short in an epic three overtime backyard brawl with Pitt.  They will come to the Dunk ready to get back to their winning ways for sure.  Despite the losses the Mountaineers are a very good team and have four players who are currently scoring in double figures.  They are led by senior Da’Sean Butler.  Butler is a 6’7″ small forward who has a strong frame and good length.  He isn’t particularly explosive but he is capable of going off for points.

Supporting Butler are Kevin Jones, Devin Ebanks, and Darryl “Truck” Bryant.  Jones is a 6’8″ sophomore from Mount Vernon, NY.  He plays tough down low and puts in good work on the boards.  Ebanks is also a sophomore.  Big things were expected from the Long Island native this year, and although he hasn’t quite lived up to the hype he is still capable of having big nights.  His play varies from game to game as he is experiencing a sophomore slump, but when he isn’t scoring he is given WVU good size with his athletic 6’8″ body.  Bryant runs the point for West Virginia, and he does a nice job.  He can both score and create.  The bench can also give some support.  Mazzula, the RI native has been hurt, but production often comes from others such as Smith and Flowers.

West Virginia plays a very slow s

PFB Perspective: Another one of the nations best teams is on deck for us.  This schedule has been brutal and this game could easily be the same.  West Virginia is good and is loaded with talent.  They also have better size than us.  WVU likes to play slowly.  They have one of the slowest paces in the country, so we think if we can get into an up and down high possession game with them we might be able to make them a little uncomfortable.  otherwise we aren’t exactly sure what the best course of action is against the Mountaineers.  They have a bunch of players that need to be shut down.  We need to a good effort from everybody if we want to be able to stay in this one.  We also have to win the battle of the boards.  We need those second chances, and we need defensive rebounds so we can outlet the ball and get it up court in a hurry.  We clearly don’t have a half court offense to speak of, but if we can get into a transition game we might fair better.



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We are still recovering.  Post to follow later.

End of the Year Links

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Since deciding to attend Providence College we have become big PC fans and tried to learn as much about PCBasketball history as we can, but we have only been following the team in depth for a few years and are not as qualified to reflect back on past decade of Friars basketball.  So for this we pass you off to other PC blogs.

Friarblog – As the 2000’s were the most disappointing decade in Friar history, Friarblog very appropriately posted the top ten worst games of the 2000s.  There is a summary of the game and than a personal memory of each loss.  If you haven’t already read it you should

Top 10 Worst Games of the 2000’s

The State of Friars Basketball – Over at the State there is a post about their favorite games of the decade.  It is along, but it has some good games in their.  Both wins and losses.  And we were pleased to see it capped by the Providence win over Pitt last year.  Good stuff, check it out.

My 10 Favorite Friar Games from the 2000’s

FriarsBasketball – FriarsBasketball has made a pretty comprehensive look back at Friar Basketball.  It is a two part look with everything from the best villain, to the worst recruiting class, to the All-Decade team.  Definitely some interesting things over there.

A Decade of Friars Basketball I

A Decade of Friars Basketball II

Also, unrelated, it is always interesting to see what is going on on other teams blogs.  IBleedBlueandWhite, a Villanova blog, posted a little blurb about each BIG EAST team and ranked them in predicted order of difficulty for the Wildcats.  Providence was second to last, thankfully above DePaul.  This is what they had to say about PC:

Providence Friars (8-4) – One of my favorite teams to watch when I randomly bump into them on TV. Keno Davis lost too much experience to make a tourney run, but that hasn’t stopped the fun ‘n gun offense out in Rhode Island. The 110-97 victory at George Washington either gave Friars fans an erection or caused irreparable emotional damage. Head on over to Friarblog to comment on that.

Always interesting to see what people away from the team think of the team.  Glad to see that the “fun ‘n gun” is exciting for others, because sometimes it makes us just want to go crazy.

Greedy Getting Up

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We saw this by way of Friarblog, but it was too good not to post.  Greedy is a jumping jack, no doubt about it.  This between the legs dunk is crazy hard and completely sick, which leads us to ask why he was missing normal dunks last game… but no matter.  Great job with the video theoliver24

Keno Davis Live Chat Recap

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imagesToday Coach Keno Davis took the time to have an online chat via the ProJokeno with fans.  Here is the link to the ProJo for the full transcript of the conversation.  There was some good stuff there so please check it out  Sorry for not posting a heads up before hand.  Also we regret that we had classes during the chat and were unable to participate.  Also check back tomorrow for a preview for the exhibition game against Merrimack.