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Welcome: Gerard Coleman

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Player Updates, Recruiting

Twitter_Logo_normalGerard Coleman is a 6’4″ Guard and 4-Star Recruit from West Roxbury, MA.  He comes to GERALDCOLEMAN4_30150Providence from the TiltonSchool in New Hampshire.  Coleman is ranked the ESPN Top 100 as the 72nd best player in the class of 2010.  He is rated the 30th-best prospect in the class of 2010 by Slam Magazine, the 51st-best prospect by, and 66th by  He is also regarded as the second best player in New England.  Coleman was the first in the class of 2010 to verbally commit to PC.  Coleman had this to say to this summer when he gave his verbal:

“My family can see me play and academics played a big part in my decision.  I got a good vibe every time I went up there from the staff.”

Coleman’s AAU coach, Chris Driscoll had this to say:

“He scores about as quickly as anyone I’ve been around.  When he’s on a roll, he can really light it up and in Providence’s open-court style, he can really flourish.  He can really score in bunches.”

ESPN had this to say about Coleman:

The long lefty is a pure scorer that should be able to put points on the board g258258a78d29a8357471c9717ba5379851179f6b5e8f91immediately upon arriving at Providence. He is exceptionally smooth going to the rim, virtually unstoppable in the open floor, and very good in the mid-range area. He’s a very disruptive full court

Coleman was also being heavily recruited by UConn, Clemson, Boston College, Louisville and Marquette.

imagesWhat’s not to like.  Coleman is the real deal.  A big time recruit with a ton of talent.  The fact the UConn and Louisville were after him should be an indication of that.  Also give Keno a ton of credit for out recruiting both of those schools.  This a player everybody should be getting excited about.  You have to love the lines: “He is exceptionally smooth going to the rim, virtually unstoppable in the open floor,” and “He can really score in bunches.”  It seems like he is an absolute perfect fit for PC’s new up-tempo offensively minded play. We are thrilled to welcome Gerard Coleman to Providence.  He is a major step in the right direction for PC, and we look forward to seeing him play in the upcoming years.

For now we wish him a successful and healthy senior season, and we look forward to his arrival on campus.  Welcome to the family.


Welcome: Joseph Young

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Player Updates, Recruiting

Twitter_Logo_normalJoseph Young is a 6’2″ Shooting Guard from Houston, TX.  He is the son of former Phi SlammaJOSEPHYOUNG7_14200 Jamma brother, and NBA player Michael Young.  Young is a lights out shooter and is ranked as the 69th best player by  Young has helped lead Jack Yates High School to national rankings, and received a great deal of attention in an AAU tournament in Las Vegas where he had an outstanding showing.  Young was the last recruit to give PC a verbal.  There were reports that his father was unhappy that he chose PC over Houston, but all conflicts were resolved and Young gave a solid verbal to PC.

ESPN had this to say about Young:

Young is the ultimate shooter. He is a true shooting guard with deep range who especially likes to shoot three’s from either corner. He has great confidence in his shot and is not afraid to take the big one, and he usually makes it.

images“The Ultimate Shooter!…” Sounds like Young is a perfect fit in the Friar offense.  If he can keep his long range shot as sharp as it his he could600xPopupGallery be a great weapon for PC in the upcoming years.  Young’s verbal came as a bit of a surprise this fall and was accompanied by uncertainty about his commitment to PC over Houston, but we are really happy that Young is with us.  We feel like he is a classic PC recruit, who has been flying under the radar but is ready to take his game to the next level.  Hopefully, unlike other under the radar players, Young really does take it to the next level.  He could really be a great scorer for us.  But for now we wish Young a healthy and successful senior season, and we look forward to seeing him suit up for the Friars next year.  Welcome to the family Joseph Young.

Welcome: Ron Giplaye

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Player Updates, Recruiting

Twitter_Logo_normalRon Giplaye is a 6’7″ Foward from Lowell, MA.  he comes to the Friars by way of Notre Dame 695608Prep (one time home of Greedy Peterson and Michael Beasley), which finished last season ranked 5th in the nation.  Giplaye is regarded as the seventh best player in New England.  Ryan Hurd, Norte Dame Prep Coach, had this to say about Giplaye:

“I had Jeff Adrien and Ron’s that type of player.  He makes people’s lives miserable.  He’s strong; he’s like a man playing with boys.  Guys back down from him.”

Giplaye, like Gerard Coleman is a product of the BABC AAU program.  A coach within the program had this to say:

“He has such a knack for scoring in the low post, his rebounding numbers are uncanny, and he’s a big guy who retrieves his own misses.”

ESPN had this to say:

An absolute beast physically, Giplaye has tremendous upper bodu strength and good athleticism.  He’s fearless on the interior, thrives on contact, runs well, dunks with both hands, and is a tremendous rebounder…

imagesRon Giplaye looks like a great score for PC.  In the past PC has lacked big men that “thrive on contact.”  He may be a bit undersized but his strength and toughness seem like they will make up for that.  It’s also great when you can keep good players close to home.  We are really happy at the thought of Ron Giplaye suiting up for the Friars.  We would like to welcome Ron Giplaye to Providence.  We wish him a successful and healthy senior season and look forward to seeing him out on the court next year.

The November signing period began today and will continue until November 18th.  PC is lookingTwitter_Logo_normal to recieve lettersofintent from the three verbal commits that have right now: ESPN Top 100 Player, Gerard Coleman, Joseph Young, and Ron Giplaye.  When each one signs we will let you know, and we will give a write up about each guy.

On that note, posted a link to a Top 25 Recruiting classes for this upcoming year as listed by  Providence was ranked 23.  This is what they had to say:

23. Providence
Top 100:
No. 69 Joseph Young (6-2, 175, G), No. 87 Gerard Coleman (6-4, 175, G)
Supporting Cast: Ron Giplaye (6-5, 200, F)

Analysis: Young drew some big crowds (comprised of college coaches) during Las Vegas’ AAU extravaganza with his scoring exploits.

Besides Syracuse, who is listed at #3 on the list, Providence is the only other BIG EAST team to appear on the list.

imagesThis is great news.  It has been a long time since PC was on a list like this, so we have to give a lot of credit to Coach Keno Davis and his staff for making an instant impact recruiting world, and bring such high quality players to PC.  Each recruiting victory helps with future recruits.  In the competitive BIG EAST a class like this, paired with this year’s freshman class will really help PC move up the ranks in the upcoming years. It would have been great to score Devon Collier, but e are really excited to get these guys on board and welcome them to the Friar Family.

UPDATE: Coach Keno Davis posted on his twitter:

It’s a great, great, great day to be a Friar!

Coach Keno Davis and the Friars received a letter of intent from each of his three verbal commits.

“We are looking forward to having Gerard, Ron and Joe join our squad next season.  All three of these student-athletes come from highly successful high school and AAU programs. They should help us continue our quest to make our program one of the elite in the BIG EAST.”

We will give our own welcome to and take on the new Friars.  But for now we’d just like to say welcome to the family.  GO PC!

Zagsblog is reporting that Devon Collier has committed to Oregon State.  Collier picks Oregon State over St. John’s, Seton Hall*Jul 09 - 00:05*, and Providence.  Coach Craig Robinson, formerly of Brown, had pegged Collier as his number one guy and won out the battle.  Collier had this to say (from Zagsblog):

“[Robinson] is a cool person. He’s fun to talk to. He has a  good sense of humor. He’s smart. It’s not because he’s the President’s brother-in-law. He’s a good person in general. The staff that’s around him, they’re good, too.”

Bob Hurley said Collier liked Oregon State’s style of play, which emphasizes the play of the forwards.

“They play with the forwards handling the ball.  If he works he can become a better shooter. They like him as a kid that can move in the zone, rebound, get deflections.”

imagesRobinson worked Collier pretty hard all along and it paid off.  Although Collier would have fit great into PC’s style, PC didn’t fit onto Collier’s style.  As we know PC has become a guard heavy team with an emphasis on perimeter play and running the floor.  Collier wanted a more active role in the offense, and for that you can’t blame him.  We are just surprised that he is headed out to the Pac-10 instead of playing in the best conference in basketball.  We know Robinson has improved that team but, Oregon State is a bad team in an ok conference, that receives almost no national exposure.  But when it came down to it it was Oregon State he wanted.  It is unfortunate that PC will never get a chance to play him, to show him what he could have been a part of.  But Collier made the right decision for him and you cannot hold that against him… We wish Devon Collier well in his senior year at St. Anthony’s and as he continues his basketball career at Oregon State.

Kevin McNamara is reporting that Michael Carter-Williams of the St. Andrew’s School (RI) has given amichael_carter-williamsverbal commitment to Syracuse.  He picks Syracuse over Providence, Notre Dame, Villanova, and Miami.  Carter-Williams is looking to study communications, and Syracuse is one of the strongest programs in the country in that field.

imagesThis is a tough loss for Coach Keno Davis and PC.  Carter-Williams was within the state of Rhode Island and he had been closely followed by PC over the last months.  He could have been a great addition to the team down the road but we wish him luck at Syracuse… and hopefully when he does suit up for the orange and plays PC… make him wish he had chosen differently.  But the prize of Rhode Island, and of the St. Andrew’s School, is Terrific 25 Ricky Ledo and he is still up for grabs.  He is being pursued by Kansas, Syracuse, BC, and UMass but Providence is still very much in the mix.  He is young, but than again so is Michael Carter-Williams.  So although PC has already extended an offer it is important that Coach Keno Davis and the staff keep on him.  Who knows what will happen.

And yes, that is the Peterson Recreation Center in the background of the picture… too bad.

Recruiting: Collier Update

Posted: November 2, 2009 in Recruiting
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Recently Zagsblog had another update on Devon Collier.  Collier was at Seton Hall this past weekend, where he met the team and saw an *Jul 09 - 00:05*exhibition game.  Collier said he had a good time.  Now with the November signing period right around the corner Collier has officially visited all four of his top schools (Oregon State, Providence, St. John’s, and Seton Hall).  Collier said this:

“I’m done with all my visits.  I’m going to sit down with my father and Adam [Berkowitz, a coach of Collier’s] and see what’s best for me.”

Collier has given no real indication if he is leaning in one direction or another, simply saying that he enjoyed all of his visits.  Collier will make his choice in the coming weeks.

imagesAs we have been saying all along, Collier would be a big score for PC.  Anytime you can get an ESPN Top 100 Player, and a product of Bob Hurley you were able to get somebody very good.  Collier has not really given any indication of where he is leaning too.  For that matter he really hasn’t even said if he’d rather stay close to home (St. John’s and Seton Hall), or to get away (Providence and Oregon State).  In any case, it will be interesting to see where he chooses.  We can only hope that it is PC, because we’d love to have him and hate to see him playing against us.

Zagsblog is reporting that Devon Collier has planned visits to two schoolsProvidence is one of them.  Collier*Jul 09 - 00:05* plans on taking an official visit Oregon State this weekend and visit Providence the following weekend.  The following weekend is October 16… Late Night Madness.

Collier is also considering St. John’s and Seton Hall.  Although he has visited both schools unofficially he has yet to take an official visit to either.

imagesAs we’ve said before Oregon State and former Brown coach, Craig Robinson, appear to have Collier pegged as their number one guy from the 2010 class.   And Collier is seemingly returning the interest, at least with a cross-country visit.  This all said PC still appears to be in the mix and, besides the scholarship situation, has a lot going for it.  There is the exposure of the Big East, Rhode Island is closer to home, Oregon State has been in the bottom of the PAC-10, etc.  Also Collier will most likely be in attendance for Late Night Madness.  It will be a great opportunity for him to see how passionate Friar Fans are, and what a great atmosphere PC has to offer.  Having Collier on campus to experience the excitement and hype from an event such as Late Night Madness is definitely an advantage PC will have going into the November signing period.  So we will see what happens, but for now this is just one more reason to come out to Late Night Madness and be as crazy and as loud as ever.  The season is only days away… Get Excited!

Zagsblog has reported that Devon Collier has narrowed his list of schools to four.  He recently knocked*Jul 09 - 00:05* Maryland off of his list leaving Oregon State, St. John’s, Seton Hall, and Providence.  Oregon State has flown to see him four straight Fridays, clearly showing a ton of interest.

Collier, a 6’8” PF is an ESPN Top 100 Player, ranked #79 overall.  And he is a product of St. Anthony’s in New Jersey… home of the legendary Bob Hurley.

imagesWith PC currently out of scholarships the chances of something changing between now and the signing period resulting in Coach Keno Davis landing Collier are slim.  That said; however, you have to like that he is still being pursued.  He is a really good player and would fit in well with PC’s new system.  Plus he has been coached by one of the greatest coaches of all time: Bob Hurley.  That is an intangible that will never show up in a stat page or anything like that.  Oregon State looks like they are really getting after him, but the fact that PC, who at the moment appears to be out of scholarships is still on Collier’s short list, we think, says a lot about his feelings about the school and the program.

Also, we know this is not the first time we have given our praises to St. Anthony’s and Bob Hurley. 050215book We are clearly fans, ever since reading The Miracle of St. Anthony: A Season with Coach Bob Hurley and Basketball’s Most Improbable Dynasty, by Adrian Wojnarowski.  If you are a basketball fan, played high school basketball, or just want a really good, easy read you have to read this book.  It is really a good book for so many reasons and if nothing else it just gives you perspective in so many ways.  We are trying to get book-reporty here but its like a David vs. Goliath story with a bunch of spins along the way.  For the most part it covers the 2005 season but there is a lot more to it than just basketball.  Alright, we aren’t going to say anymore but you should really read it, and if you have leave a comment and let us know what you thought.

Also the book is being made into a movie that is expected to be released in 2010.

Joe Young will, in fact, be a Friar, reports Kevin McNamara of the ProJo.  A couple of JOSEPHYOUNG7_14200days ago a story came out in Houston about how Michael Young, Joe’s father, was not happy that Joe chose PC of the University of Houston.  Michael Young had this to say:

“I’m sure fans at Providence weren’t really sure what was being said. But now I am happy Joseph is a Friar.”

“Joseph is self-motivated. I felt comfortable with his desire in going away and playing at a great school like Providence.”

The signing period opens in November so as it stands right now, Joe Young will join ESPN Top 100 player Gerard Coleman, and forward Ron Giplaye.

images So it appears that Joe Young will in fact be a Friar next year.  Its definitely a good sign to finally receive support from the family.  Young is a good player and an unbelievable shooter so you can’t blame his dad for wanting him to stick around his Houston program.  Hopefully there are no major changes between now and November and we see Young in black and and white next year.  As for now we wish him luck in his school year.