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Joe Young has surfaced once again with yet another honor.  Joe Young has been named to the2010 ESPN Rise All-American First Team. Young is one of twenty high school players who made the team.  Young adds this award to his Gatorade State Player of the Year Award (Texas), a state championship, and other MVP awards.  Besides his honors, the 6’3″ guard averaged 27.5 points, 4.4 steals, 4.1 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game this season.

If you weren’t already excited about Joe Young joining the Friars, than start to get excited.  The kid appears to be the real deal.  Gerard Coleman has been deemed the star of our recruiting class, as he should, but Joe Young is not very far behind him.  He continues to impress and has only improved since he was re-ranked into the ESPN Top 100 at #99.  Our bet is that when the players are re-ranked again he will be much higher than 99.  We have said it so many times before, but if Joe Young is half the shooter people say he is than we cannot wait for him to get to campus and thrive in the 3-Happy offense we run.  Also if you haven’t seen it check out the video profile of Young below.


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Well the events of the past week, I think it would do us some good to mention something else besides the atrocious actions that took place on Monday morning.  So instead of  that, we thought we might talk about something possibly even more ridiculous than the garbage that Jim Donaldson over at the ProJo throws together (actually we don’t think it gets too much more ridiculous than that).  So how about some Bracketology!?  Sure it is only April, but why not.  Earlier Joe Lunardi came out with his first bracket, but in the spirit of the almost imminent 96-team Field he also crafted a bracket for 96.  And while PC didn’t make the 64-team version, we did make it into the field of 96 as one of Joe Lunardi’s Last Four In.  So there is that.  According to Joe, we would be a #21 and we would take on #12 North Carolina.

So for the most part we have been against the whole NCAA expansion.  Yes, we would be able to play in the tournament, us and 12 other BIG EAST teams, but for us it would seriously devalue the whole thing.  Part of the allure of the NCAA every year is the achievement of making it there, and with an expanded field that achievement is seriously limited.  Anyway, looking at a mock field didn’t help.  We weren’t sure what was more ridiculous… that 13 BIG EAST teams made it and we were in the last four in, or that there would even be such a  thing as a #21 seed.

The whole thing is just a little bit too much to take.  But hey, as of now we are in… even if its only by the skin of our teeth.

Greedy Peterson has returned to the Sports Center Top 10 once again this season with his alley-oop dunk in the DePaul game.  Nice little give and go and soar by Greedy.

We never doubted that Greedy Peterson’s high flying dunks would land him on Sports Center’s Top Ten Plays but earning the number one play this early in the season was a bit of a surprise.  Sharaud Curry’s inbound Alley-Opp pass was absolutely slammed home by Greedy.  He leaped over two Vermont defenders and threw it down with authority, earning a “wow” from Kobe Bryant, who was a guest on Sports Center.

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Kobe Bryant salutes Greedy Peterson.

In ESPN’s Big East ShootAround John Stoval posted a list of the ten freshman he can’t wait to see this year.  On the list was PC 3393919newcomer Johnnie Lacy.  Stoval had this to say:

Johnnie Lacy, PG, Providence: This undersized point guard can score with the best of them. He can get the ball and run with it, which makes him a perfect fit for Providence’s system.

Lacy is in the company of some of the big time Big East recruits such as Dom Cheek from Villanova and Lance Stephenson from Cincinnati.

imagesSince PC got Lacy we have been pretty excited.  Not just because PC beat out the likes of Tennessee, Texas, Marquette, and Indiana to get him, but because he really has the potential to be a great player and fits in perfectly with Coach Keno Davis’ system.  From what we read Lacy has left room for refinement but that is the case with many incoming freshman.  What is good about him is that he has all the potential in the world and has the tools to reach it, and he has the reputation for giving a tremendous amount of intensity and effort… which clearly is a great thing.  So it was good to see that Johnnie Lacy got a little bit of press heading into the season, but we can’t wait to see what he can do once he’s out wearing a Friars jersey.  Lacy, along with guard Vincent Council, are the future of the PC front court which has to make PC fans feel good.  It will be exciting to see how their first year goes.

ESPN Big East Rankings

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1. Villanovaespn_logo

2. West Virginia

3. Connecticut

4. Georgetown

5. Syracuse

6. Louisvillebig_east_logo220x180

7. Pittsburgh

8. Notre Dame

9. Cincinnati

10. Seton Hall

11. Marquette

12. Providence

13. St. John’s

14. Rutgers

15. South Florida

16. DePaul

imagesOverall we agree with ESPN’s picks.  Overall, especially considering the depth last year, this is a down year in the Big East.  It still may turn out be the best conference in the country, but unlike last year it is too early to make such a claim.  We think there is some room for argument in the middle of the pack.  For example, Notre Dame might be a little overrated.  After a bad season last year, and losing substantial players this off season its hard to imagine them finishing eighth.  But usually with these lists the middle teams tend to be interchangeable.  Up at the top of the league things look about right, although Villanova should be an interesting team.  The Wildcats usually don’t challenge themselves with their out of conference schedule (their toughest game coming against Maryland this year) so they will be able to get a bunch of wins early and their talented incoming class should gain some experience but their front court is an X factor.  Of course their always talented front court will carry the team but will that be enough to secure them a Big East title and a deep run in March? It has been a winning formula for them over the Jay Wright years but we will see.

The other interesting story to watch in the Big East will be Syracuse.  At the end of last season one would have thought Syracuse to be a national contender with talent similar to that which Kansas will boost this year, but then the team fell apart.  It will be interesting to see how the Orange rebound, and if they can be major competitors in the Big East this year.

Today ESPN came out with their preseason look at the Big East.  They had this to say about the espn_logoFrairs:

A young lineup gets a boost from the return of Sharaud Curry. The savvy point guard averaged 11 points and 4 assists last season, his first back after a serious knee injury. He gets some backcourt help in the form of Marshon Brooks, a talented sixth man last season. The frontcourt will have growing pains until it gets settled, but redshirts Jamine Peterson and Russ Permenter may help.

Jay Bilas gave his predictions for the league:

12. Providence: Last year brought a new system to a team of veterans, and Providence proved it could score. But the Friars never proved they could stop anyone. With a bunch of experienced seniors, Providence finished in the bottom half of the Big East in almost every defensive measure. Most of the experience is gone, but Marshon Brooks and Sharaud Curry are back. I love Keno Davis’ style, but the Friars have to guard people and rebound to win in the Big East.

images Well this sounds about right to us.  It would be hard to predict the Friars to finish higher than 12th.  We think they will finish better than 12th but given that we lost most of the team, we are in a rebuilding year, and the expectations outside of Rhode Island are not overwhelmingly high. ESPN is right to say that the Friars will experience growing pains in the front court, where they lack both experience and size; however, it will be interesting to see how Greedy and Bilal do coming off of their red shirt seasons and how JUCO transfer Russ Permenter adapts to Big East play.

As far as the back court goes I think Providence will be able to compete with most of the league.  Sharaud is very underrated and Marshon and Brian can both be big factors in any game.  The incoming freshman especially Johnnie Lacy and Vincent Council should be able to provide support as well.

Jay Bilas is one of the leading authorities in college basketball and his analysis of the Friars isn’t that far off.  We need to step up the defense this season and need to be aggressive on the boards.  Coach Keno Davis has brough an exciting style with the potential for great success to PC, but we can’t be giving up as many points as we did last season.

What is comes down to is how the new players adjust to the Big East and how long it takes for that adjustment to take place.  And can they buckle down and play defense in a tough, physical Big East.  The expectations for the Friars aren’t high, but that leaves a lot of room for them to impress a lot of people.