Ray Hall Back for Fifth Year!

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Player Updates
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So there had been some back and forth on whether or not big man Ray Hall would return for a post-grad year and use up his last year of eligibility.  Good news for all the Ray Hall fans out there (which we are)… the big man is coming back!  Or at least Coach Keno is expecting the big guy to come back.  We here at PFB are happy.  The team we have now, although improving, is still very young.  Having an experienced guy like Ray Hall, who has a reputation of being a great teammate is really important.  Plus, ever since Ray has come back from his injury he went up a notch in our book.  The man has guts and heart and that is the type of the player you want on your team.

Ray returning means added depth in the front court.  It also relieves some of the pressure to not red shirt one of the new guys.  Giplaye or Kofane look like early candidates and Ray being in the line up allows Keno to red shirt one of them much more comfortably if he so chooses.  Ray could also be a valuable assest on the court if he is able to continue his har work in improving over the summer, and if he can stay healthy.  The man is a giant, and he can give meaningful minutes next year.  And to a much lesser extent, Ray is a fan favorite.  Everybody loves when the big guy checks into the game, and the crowd loves when he contributes.  He gives the crowd a lift and that cannot be underestimated.  But we are most happy that we have an experienced veteran and a leader on this young team.

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