Hill Out at Rutgers

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Big East
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It is now official.  The ongoing uncertainties with the status of Fred Hill as the Head Coach at Rutgers have come to an end. After being told that he would be brought back for the final year on his contract, Hill created a scene at a Rutgers-Pittsburgh baseball game (Hill’s father is the coach of Rutgers).  Hill was asked to refrain from attending any future baseball games, but disobeyed the schools orders.  As a result Rutgers made the decision that it was time for Hill and them to part ways.  Now after two weeks of negotiations the two parties have come to a settlement and Hill has resigned.  The settlement is allegedly a $850,000 deal with benefits.

Well while things have been better in Friartown, things have certainly been better in Piscataway.  The Hill standoff finally comes to an end after two weeks, but is right during the spring signing period.  Already the Scarlet Knights have lost there most talented recruit in Gilvydas Birutas.  Adding to that Mike Rosario committed to become a Florida Gator.

The Knights have lost their coach, recruits, and their only McDonalds All-American in school history in a very short period of time.  Not to mention the departure of a number of other players from the team.  The Rutgers Basketball program may have hit rock bottom in the last couple of weeks.  But maybe things have to get to rock bottom before you can make any progress.  We don’t know, the facts are that Rutgers was a struggling team that is even in a worse position.

Looking forward Rutgers short list includes recent 76ers coach and former Rutgers standout Eddie Jordan, ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla, and former Ohio State coach Jim O’Brien.  It seems like Eddie Jordan is a major possibility here.  We will keep you updated… because we know just how much Rutgers basketball means to you all.

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