Kyle Wright Speaks Out

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Miscellaneous
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We were a little slow in seeing this, but it looks like former player Kyle Wright has written a facebook note shedding some light on the events that happened early Monday morning.  In the note Wright essentially blames Coach Keno and his staff for a lack of structure and discipline within the team, which allowed for the horrible events that took place to happen.  Take a look at it for yourself and see what you think…

What providence friar fans and people around the school fail to realize is how this horrible event was even able to take place. Why were these players comfortable enough to be out on a sunday night doing what they please. The answer is the team and organization they are a part of. Keno Davis from day 1 has established no type of order within his team. He has distanced himself from his players and made it clear that he is not concerned with actions taken off of the basketball court. The lack of structure, leadership, and any type of foundation created an environment in which his players felt as though they were capable of getting away with anything. I know this first hand because I was apart of this team until I quit. It is sad that something like this had to even occur when any type of stable structure and leadership from the HEAD COACH would have sufficed. This Providence coaching staff is not preparing these boys to take on the world and become men, rather they are creating an environments which fosters childish behavior and encourages a lack of respect. These boys came to Providence Colle[g]e to improve as basketball players, students, and become men and now they may be leaving as felons. With that said I am a firm believer in second chances and hopefully no one involved with this incident will be scarred for life. My best wishes go out to Yerkin Abdrakhmanov and his family.

So we would really like to know what readers think about this.  We read it trying to keep in mind that Kyle had a tough season where he didn’t get the playing time he wanted, and didn’t make too much of the limited time he was given.  He is coming from the point of view of somebody who decided to leave the team and the school some time ago.  But this seems a lot like redirecting the blame.  We think that Coach Keno and his staff definately had some short comings and there are things that need to be adjusted within the program, but to blame the incident on the Keno Davis is crazy and irresponsible.  The facts are Johnnie Lacy and James Still made about as bad a decision as you can make.  They were out when they shouldn’t have been, and did something totally inexcusable.  We understand that Kyle is not happy with the team and the coaches, and that as a teammate he will cut his teammates a little slack, but this is a little much in our opinion.  We agree that Lacy and Still came to PC to play basketball, participate as students, and become men, but the fact that they left as felons is 100% there own fault.

  1. Fan says:

    Kyle Wright Actually stayed at Providence as a regular student. Why is it that when the players do good it is to the coaches credit, but when their is any type of negative actions the blame is shifted away form them its a double standard. And how do you explain the most recent development with Greedy Peterson. Too much has continued to go wrong with the program, in any organization when things continually go wrong you must look at the top.

    • friarsbasketball says:

      Thanks for the comment. We agree that Keno is not off of the hook in this at all. And while at the time this was posted we had no knowledge of Greedy’s wrongs, the situation with Greedy makes things even more concerning. In Greedy’s case, however, there is a positive in the school taking action against unacceptable behavior, even if it was against there best player. Hopefully that is the first step in sending the message that there needs to be more discipline. However, to deflect the blame from the idiotic actions of Lacy and Still to the extent Kyle did was over the top. The fact is that Lacy and Still did something crazy dumb and deserve the blame. They are college aged students and nobody else at PC needs to be told that beating an innocent kid senseless is wrong and that there is punishment for that. We appreciated Kyle’s insight and we feel he had valid points concerning the discipline and structure of the team, but his direction of the blame was irresponsible. Calhoun, Wooden, Pitino (the list could go on and on) have all had situations in which violations and even crimes have occurred. Keno is a young coach and still learning. He clearly needs to make changes and everybody realizes that but it is no double standard to come down hard on two boneheads for doing somethings as dumb as they did. (And we thought the saying went, players win and coaches lose) But yes, Keno needs to make changes before this program falls apart!

      Lastly, we know that Kyle stayed enrolled to finish out the semester at PC. However, it is our understanding that he said he planned to leave the school after finishing out the semester.

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