Johnnie Lacy and James Still Arrested: PC Suspends Both Indefinately

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Miscellaneous
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Corey Bourassa has reported that both Johnnie Lacy and James Still were arrested early Monday morning on account of assault.  At appropriately 1:00am the Providence Police  responded to an assault where they found the 21 year old senior student, Yerkin Abdrakhmanovon (from Kazakhstan) on the ground near Eaton St. and Huxley Ave. with blood on his face.  A witness identified Johnnie Lacy and James Still as the assailants.  The two were brought into the station for questioning and were arraigned this morning.  Both are charged with one account of felony assault and bail has been set at $10,000 with surety, or $1,000 cash.  As of this morning neither Lacy or Still has posted bail.  The student suffered a broken nose and eye socket and was taken to Rhode Island Hospital.

Providence College has announced that both players have been suspended from the school.  The suspension will last until Providence College completes its own investigation.  They will have to leave campus immediately and will not be able to finish their academic requirements for this semester.  Providence College Executive Vice President Kenneth Sicard issued these words:

“This serious and random assault violates all standards of conduct that Providence College expects of its students and is contrary to our deepest values.  Our thoughts and prayers are extended to the Providence College student who was injured.”

There was another player with Lacy and Still who was released and not charged with any crimes who remains unnamed.

First we would like to wish Yerkin Abdrakhmanovon a speedy recovery.  And now we would just like to rant about how terribly disappointed we are with this whole thing.  Last off season was a rough one for the BIG EAST.  You had you drug arrests, assault arrests, school suspensions, academic suspensions, scandals with coaches, etc.  Luckily we were always proud to say that that wasn’t us, not Providence College.  But this off season it seems that we beat everybody else to the off the court issues.  This is embarrassing and shameful.  Although it is only two students on campus it reflects back very poorly on the school and the program and that is not acceptable.

Johnnie Lacy just had to stay out of trouble for a month and then he was gone.  Instead he is going out with a destructive bang.  And James Still really surprised us.  He is well liked on campus and is not usually the type that starts things up, but last night he was.  Granted we do not know any of the details of what happened, what was said, or what, if anything, provoked Lacy and Still to beat up another student, but we seriously doubt that anything would have warranted the beating Abdrakhmanovon received.  Instead, it was two immature freshman, out and about later than they should have been for a Monday getting into trouble.  And there is no doubt that what Lacy and Still did was idiotic and deserves punishment.  We are glad that the school has suspended them already.  And while Lacy is obviously already leaving, we wouldn’t mind seeing James Still removed from Providence College as well.  Here at PFB as you all know we like to support this team, and as supporters of this team, and the new program that is being built here at Providence we can’t support someone like James Still back on the team.  A message needs to be sent that as Vice President Sicard said in his quote above, this violates all standards of conduct that Providence College expects of its students and is contrary to our deepest values.

There has been no word from Coach Keno just yet regarding the situation.  Things are still early but we will try to keep everybody updated if there are any more developments.

In the mean time let us know what you are thinking, or feel free to rant with a comment.

  1. britany lacy says:

    i believe that every thing happeneds for a reason and if that really is it it wasn’t oviously ment for my BROTHER AND HIS FRIEND TO BE THERE ! put your self in their shoes, and question your selves they were wrong but if it wre them then what.

  2. justin wilson says:

    Well said

  3. […] two players who had just completed disappointing freshman years, Johnnie Lacy and James Still, were arrested and subsequently expelled for the brutal beating of a fellow student in a despicable act of senseless and random violence. […]

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