Naadir Tharpe A Friar!

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Recruiting
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We have been out of the game for a while now, but there is big news in Friar Town, Naadir Tharpe, a 6’0″ point guard from Worcester, MA verbally committed toProvidence College.  Tharpe, who had been hearing from Boston College, Virginia, West Virginia, UNLV, and Purdue chose to stay closer to home and join Keno and the Friars.  Tharpe’s coach Jason Smith, from the Brewster Academy in New Hampshire had this to say about Naadir:

“He has a very high basketball IQ, elite/level quickness and is an out outstanding passer with vision. He’s a big-time kid. People in their community will fall in love with him. He is outgoing and personable. He has great school spirit.”

Tharpe is a playmaker, and will make the players around him better.  His shot has been inconsistent, but has been improving greatly.  Tharpe is ranked in the ESPN Super 60 for the class of 2011 as the 51 best player and the 13th best point guard in the class.

Obviously it was a very disappointing season, which makes it even better to finally get some good news.  Hat off to Keno and his staff who once again reeled in another top recruit.  This makes three in the ESPN Top 100 for Keno in his short time here.  You have to love that we are now going after big time players and actually getting some.  This was not happening a fews years back.  What we also like is that Keno is started to make a mark in the New England recruiting scene.  For too long we have missed out on the best players around, but it looks like Keno is starting to turn that trend around.

As far as Tharpe goes… we are really excited.  We are thinking that in a couple years or so we are going to have a serious back court.  Vincent Council doing what he does, Gerard Coleman, Joe Young hitting threes, and now Naadir Tharpe putting in work.  In the college game you are always thinking about the future, and even though VC is just stepping in to Sharaud’s roll, it is nice to know that there will be somebody to step into VC’s roll when his time at PC is done… and nice to get some added depth for the first couple seasons.  Tharpe is reason to get excited.

You may not agree with everything Keno does (cough cough… defensive philosophy) but you have got to give it to him on the recruits.  In a short time at Providence he has started gaining some momentum and has given Providence fans something to be excited about.

Side Note:  Tennessee was on campus today practicing for their first round match-up against San Diego State.  We got to watch some of their practice/walk-through which was cool.  Bruce Pearl is an interesting guy and it was interesting to see how he ran a practice.  Vols were looking good… San Diego shouldn’t give them too much trouble but an expected matchup with Georgetown could be very interesting.


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