Brief Postgame: Providence 70, Georgetown 79

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Postgame
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A frustrating game.  We of course weren’t expected to win, but for some reason we were in it, and leading for a lot of the way.  But watching that game, there were a few things that made it cleat that we were bound to lose.

1.  One was the excitement was missing.  We had to remind ourselves that it was only a two point game at times.  The crowd never had that one play to cheer about… the play where Greedy caps an 8-0 run with a break away dunk… The play that would have made JT3 call a 30, during which the students would have been going crazy.  That play never happened.  The crowd should have been in in from the start.  The game was on ESPN2 and we were playing the 8th ranked team in the country, no excuses.  But we will admit it was difficult to root for the team when their style of play is clearly not going to hold up.

2.  Which brings us to our next point.  For those of you who saw the game, in the second half Georgetown had one possession that showed off some of the best ball movement we have seen this whole season.  We mean it was a thing of beauty.  That was just one play, but they were working the inside out game, cutting, slashing, and moving the ball… the Princeton offense at its finest.  Meanwhile we were just dribbling around the perimeter looking for a shot that was never there.  We have had times we have been moving the ball, and getting inside, opening up the outside game, but not against Georgetown.  Frustrating.  And unexciting for the crowd.

3.  There were a bunch of other things but we will group them all together in number three.  Basically we didn’t play inspired basketball for 40 minutes.  Bilal did well, and Greedy got his usual numbers, but neither one really stood out… it is difficult for them when you have two giants in the Georgetwon line up.  Also VC had a bad game.  We will let him off the hook given his record but he was off.  We wouldn’t have minded a little Johnny Lacy, just as a change of pace.  And Marshon, despite getting into double digits continues to be unimpressive.  He can’t finish at the basket and he needs to improve his shot selection.

Next up is Villanova.  We match up better with them than Georgetown, but I wouldn’t be expecting too much.  We have a few more bruises to take this season.

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