Brief Postgame: Providence 68, Syracuse 85

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Postgame
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Once again sorry for the delay in the postgame, things have been a little crazy around here this week.  Since weare behind and everything that needs to be said about the game has been said we will keep this brief.

Syracuse is a very, very good team.  We personally think the fact that Villanova and Kentucky are ranked ahead of them in the latest polls is a bit of a joke.  The Orange don’t just beat teams, they blow them out (unless those teams are DePaul or Pitt) and we were no exception.  We kept things close in the first half, but in the second half, essentially without their best player, they were able to dominate.  Also, we have once again allowed someone to score a career high against us.  Kris Joseph came off of the bench to score 23 points, and Arinze Onuaku scored a season high with 20.

Vincent Council had yet another nice game.  A few too many turnovers, but 16 points and 9 assists more than makes up for that in our opinion.  Marshon was back in the starting lineup and did well.  He had 14 points, but really didn’t do too much else.  He needs him to fill up some other stat besides scoring if he is going to be a major contributor.  Greedy once again put in work.  25 points and 11 boards looks good, but that dunk was ridiculous.  He was 50% from the field, but took eight three pointers.  He made three of them, but we still aren’t sure how we feel about Greedy’s threes.  We suppose we don’t mind them too much, but some he should pass up on.

But not too much else to say.  It was a rough game, but Syracuse is a great team, and very difficult to beat in the Carrier Dome.  Marquette is up next.  The first time around things didn’t go too hot, but maybe we will fare better at home… and maybe Greedy won’t get ejected from this game.

Here is the Greedy Dunk (one of the only bright spots from this game), which we are pretty sure most of you have all seen by now, but this wouldn’t be a PC Basketball Blog if we didn’t post it.  We thought it deserved the top spot, but a botch alley oop from John Wall beat it out.  We think that had it been John Wall who threw it off the backboard to himself then dunked it, it not only would have been the #1 play, but would have been shown to death on Sports Center, but hey, #2 isn’t too shabby either.  And where ever Sports Center ranked it we all know that dunk was crazy, even if Greedy made it look easy.


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