Brief Postgame: Providence 88, Cincinnati 92

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Postgame
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We were not able to see the first half at all, and could only listen to the second half on the radio, so we don’t feel like we can say too much about this game, but we will give a few thoughts.

It seems like once again we were just unable to get stops.  We didn’t have anywhere near the defense we needed if we hoped to win the game.  Giving up 92 points and letting 5 players score double figures against you is a pretty clear indication of that.  And we knew Stephenson, and Vaughn were good, but what is up with letting Cashmere Wright go off on us?  Unacceptable, we have been letting too many players have their best offensive games against us.

From what we were able to hear on the radio, it appeared the the Friar offense checked out for about seven minutes or so.  The shooting went cold and we weren’t able to recover.  But even with the scoring drought, Cincinnati never made a move to put us away.  We were allowed to hang around for most of that time, but we just not take advantage of it.

In part due to terrible Cincy free throw shooting but in part to other factors, we were happy (or as happy as one could be) about how the Friars did not give up and went down fighting.  We are not huge on moral victories but, the team showed fight down in the last minutes.  What is bad is that they should have been showing that fight much earlier.  And although PC nearly pulled off a USF-like comeback, there was one thing that killed us… BMAC.  We have always said we don’t care if he starts.  Let him start… give him the intro… give him a couple minutes… but do not have him in at the end of the game.  You always hear, it doesn’t matter who starts the game, it matters who finishes it.  When BMac is going to be taking long threes when we are trying to come back and have much better shooters on the floor than him we are just not okay with him being in the game.  We need Brian to go grab some bench.


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