Storming the Court?

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Miscellaneous
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On Jim Donaldson wrote on the ProJo College Hoops Blog wrote:

“…what’s up with the kids storming the court?…  Storming the court after handing a team its sixth road loss in seven games makes the local fans look desperate to celebrate SOMETHING.”

He says more in the blog but we just wanted to bring it up.  As we watched the game we weren’t sure what was going to happen if we won.  But with about two minutes left it was clear that the rest of their students were leaving their seats and getting ready to rush the court.  So naturally we didn’t just stand by our seats… we rushed the court.

Sure once you have been there to rush the court after beating a #1, nothing will probably quite compare, and usually we would say that beating a #19 school doesn’t warrant it, but we completely defend it.  If nothing else it creates excitment.  After that bad loss to USF, excitement was what was needed.  So like we said we defend it and for Jim over there at the ProJo here is why:

We aren’t sure how closely you follow PC basketball, but you should probably know that UConn is a rival for PC.  We didn’t see you getting all bent out of shape when URI rushed against PC even when they were favored to win.

UConn is UConn.  There are a few teams in college basketball (Duke, Kansas, UConn, Syracuse, UNC, Kentucky) who no matter what demand emotions from the opposing crowd.  They are the most followed teams in college basketball and because of the name on the jersey, they warrant something a little extra.  We can understand if UConn was unranked, but they were 19th in the country and had just beaten the number one team… convincingly.

This is college basketball.  We know who we are at PC.  We are not an elite team.  We are a lower team in the conference.  We aren’t supposed to beat UConn.  In fact, people didn’t think we would win another game all year.  So when we do beat a ranked rival on our home floor it isn’t an embarrassment to run out onto the court.  Do you really think that people outside of URI and UConn would have any problem with this?  No.  This is college and there is passion.  Jim doesn’t go to PC, so he can’t relate with the excitement of the students, many of whom were seeing a big east game at The Dunk for the very first time were feeling.

There are of course other reason why Jim Donaldson should have just sat back and not been so grumpy but hey, what are you gonna do?  There were a lot of good comments straightening Jim out, so make sure you check them out.  Leave a comment there, or let us know what you think here.  Is there a certain cut off where you should or shouldn’t rush the court, and if so what is it.  Maybe no team ranked worse that#15, maybe #10???  We don’t know.  Maybe, like with this UConn game, you just have to go with the flow.

  1. Tom Moniz says:

    Friar fans storming the court after Uconn win is school spirit. It’s justified because Uconn despite it’s recent woes is a big time Big East team. Donaldson has no clue!

  2. Tom Moniz says:


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