Postgame: PC… Epic Fail vs. USF

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Postgame
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Now it has been a few days and we figured we would address this loss as briefly as possible.  No game recap is necessary, just a few thoughts.  For those of you who saw the game we are sorry.  We couldn’t believe it either.  There are four quick points we want to make:

1.  Vincent Council. 17 points, 6 rebounds, and five assists; but couldn’t make the free throws down the line.  Now we are not about to get on VC, he is just a freshman and had a good game minus the free throws.  And although we have come to expect so much from him, he is still only a freshman.  That said, he better be working on those free throws in practice.

2.  Brian McKenzie. Coaches always say its not important who starts the game but it’s who finishes the game.  Why he is still starting is still an enigma, but fine let him start.  But do not have him in to close out a game.  He does nothing out there.  Maybe he is a leader type figure, but maybe he should lead from the bench.  He does nothing for this team, and it is time to give other people more of an opportunity.  And his experience means nothing by the looks of it so when its crunch time and we need to hold a lead, we would rather not see him in.

3.  Defense.  So we all know we aren’t big on defense here at PC, but c’mon.  There is a difference between bad defense and no defense.  We have no defense.  The fact that a team could almost double their season scoring average against us at home is crazy.  The fact that Dominique Jones, as good as he is, could wind up with 46 points is unacceptable.  How many times did he just drive into the lane with a soft pull-up floater?…  About a million.  And there was nobody there to stop his penetration or meet him further up the key for a lower percentage shot.  Defense is a team fail.  The players and the coaches are directly to blame for the joke of a defense we play.

4.  Coach Keno. We argree with his quote, except for the fact that no blame went to him.  Sure you expect your players to be able to make free throws, protect the ball, and get a defensive stop, but there is some coaching involved too.  It should never have been that close to begin with, and you have to question the personnel in the game near the end.  But just as terrible as things were down the stretch the defense was what killed all game.  Sure we had a big lead for lots of the game, and the “if they score 100 points, its ok as long as we score 101 points was seeming to working,” but clearly that fell through.  To win in the BIG EAST you need to be able to play defense and come up with stops.  We are happy our style has recruited some better players, but other teams are recruiting just as good and better players… and they will be able to lock down on D.  Defense is something you have to want to do, you have to want to be good at, you have to work for; Coach Keno clearly needs to put a higher premium on defense, or else we may have already won our last game of the season.

So I guess the only thing that could make this terrible loss a little better is a win against UConn.  Crazier things have happened, but trust us… we are definitely not holding our breath on that one.


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