Posted: January 21, 2010 in Big East
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That is right, the DePaul Blue Demons grabbed their first regular season conference win since… well too long to remember with a win over Marquette last night.  After trailing for essentially the whole game Marquette missed the front end of two one-and-one attempts and, Blue Demon, Mike Stovall hit a tough jumper giving DePaul their first and only lead, 51-50, with only 0.7 seconds left on the game clock.  Marquette could not score in the last 0.7 seconds and DePaul’s 24 regular season BIG EAST  losing streak came to an end.  The win was the first for interim coach Tracey Webster, who has been at the helm for the Blue Demons for three games.  He had this to say after the game.

“Our guys did a great job of battling, battling, battling.  That’s all we ask for. To battle and battle for loose balls and really don’t give up. I thought they did a really, really good job of not giving up.”

And for the fans who made the trip all the way to All-State Arena saw exactly that… a battle.  DePaul didn’t give up and got a very big win.  Will Walker played big and Stovall was a hero.

Obviously we don’t follow DePaul basketball very closely here, but you have to feel good for them and their fans.  A 24 game skid is a lot to take.  It was a big win for them and a very exciting one at that.  And what is even better is that on a night where Rutgers, barely showed up in a losing effort to Villanova, the Blue Demons officially pulled themselves out of 16th place in the league for the first time in a very long time.

From our point of view this makes that 30 point beat Marquette hit us with hurt a little bit more.  We mean DePaul beat this team, thirty was a lot to loss to them by.  But we were missing Greedy (so maybe we would have only lost by 15) and as we all know anything can happen on any given night in the BIG EAST.

From a Marquette point of view this one really hurts.  We have been high on Marquette this season despite their rocky 1-3 start.  They beat Georgetown and killed us, but this loss really hurts their credibility.  It is one thing when you lose to the Syracuse’s of the league but DePaul really hurts.  And being the team they end their streak against adds some insult in injury.  And for the teams that have played Marquette already, those wins maybe don’t look as good as they did a day ago.  Villanova beat the Golden Eagles twice by two each time.  Clearly one game does not dramatically effect other teams wins but it is a bad sign for MU.  When you loss to the teams better than you but also give up wins against the teams you are supposed to beat, that will land you near the bottom of the BIG EAST… and that hurts you and the teams that play you.  A trip to the Carrier Dome is next for Marquette.

But congratulations to DePaul.

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