UConn: Jim Calhoun Taking Medical Leave

Posted: January 20, 2010 in Big East, Miscellaneous
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Jim Calhoun is taking a leave from coaching the Huskies.  Calhoun has had medical leaves prior to this, but this issue is unrelated to any previous medical condition.  Prior leaves have been due to bouts with skin cancer and prostate cancer.  Jeff Jacobs of the The Hartford Courant wrote earlier that Calhoun’s leave may be due to stress. The recruitment issues UConn has been facing, along with the grind of basketball coaching on a 67 year old man may have been enough to disrupt Calhoun.

There is no time table for when Calhoun will be back on the sideline for the Huskies, but he will definitely miss tonight’s game against St. John’s, and it is likely that he will miss UConn’s upcoming game against the Texas Longhorns as well.  In his absence associate head coach George Blaney will take over until further notice.  Blaney has had experience had the helm before due to Calhoun’s other medical leaves.  UConn Athletic Director, Jeff Hathaway had this to say:

“Our primary concern is Coach Calhoun’s health and his complete recovery. We will do everything possible to support Coach during this time. Jim and I both know that the men’s basketball program is in very capable hands under the leadership of associate head coach George Blaney.”

UConn is our enemy no doubt about that, but you have to hope this medical issue with Calhoun isn’t anything to serious.  He is a great coach, and like him or not, he adds a lot to every game he is involved in.  So we hope Coach Calhoun gets better and is patrolling the UConn sidelines very soon.

For UConn this comes at a rough time.  In the midst of a three game  losing skid the Huskies are in a bit of trouble.  They play St. John’s tonight, in a game you figure they should win but that you can’t be too sure of, but then they have a big match up with Texas.  That is a game that would have been tough to win even with Calhoun calling the shots.  Following that the Huskies have a stretch that isn’t too terrible, but without Calhoun will a struggling team continue to struggle even against teams they should beat?  We don’t know.  We will have to see how they rebound from a three game losing streak and the loss of Calhoun tonight against the Red Storm at home.  Also after Texas, Uconn heads over to  Providence (next Wednesday), no word on whether Calhoun will be around or not.

But we wish Calhoun a speedy recovery, and hope to see him on the sidelines when the Huskies come to The Dunk on the 27th.

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