Pregame: Providence College at Marquette University

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Pregame
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Opponent: Marquette University Golden Eagles / Est. 1881 / Milwaukee, WI /Enrollment(UG) 8,000 / BIG EAST

All-time Series: Friars 4  |  Golden Eagles 6

Location: The Bradley Center [19,000] Milwaukee, WI

Date: Sunday January, 17

Time: 4:00pm ET

Coverage: TV- Cox  |  Radio- WEEI 103.7 FM Providence

What you should know about Marquette: In Head Coach Buzz Williams‘ second year at the helm Marquette is 10-6, 1-3.  But don’t let the 1-3 BIG EAST record fool you, Marquette is a very good basketball team.  In their three losses they have lost collectively by 5 points and they were to West Virginia and to Villanova twice.  And their lone win came against Georgetown.  So after losing their three best players from last year Marquette has had to open with one of the more difficult BIG EAST schedules, and they could have just have easily been 4-0 in the league at this point.  Marquette’s best player is Lazar Hayward.  Often overshadowed by the outstanding MU back court last year, Hayward is back and averaging over 18 ppg and 7.6 rebounds.  He is a versatile player who is a gamer.  He is supported guard/forward Jimmy Butler who is averaging similar numbers.  Darius Johnson-Odom also is averaging double digits in the scoring column.  Marquette is a tough team that plays quick.  They have lightning  vast guards and bigs, like Hayward, who are very athletic and won’t only beat you under the rim.  Also look out for Dwight Buycks.

PFB Perspective: Marquette is a very good team.  They play fast and tough.  They have taken on some of the leagues elites already and have held their own.  Buzz Williams is a good coach and the Bradley Center is a tough place to play for visiting BIG EAST teams.  Marquette has had 11 days to prepare for Providence, and Providence has been on the road for a few days now.  The odds are clearly not in our favor, but crazier things have happened.

Personally we like the way we match up with Marquette.  They thrive on their guard play.  That’s not to say that Jimmy Butler and Lazar Hayward won’t beat you up down low, but they shoot, dribble, and drive.  Hopefully our zone can slow them down a little, and force them to shoot over it to beat it.

Our players are athletic enough to keep up.  Lazar Hayward is very much like Greedy in that he is undersized, athletic and can beat you in a number of ways.  Bilal will actually have a size advantage over Jimmy Butler down low.  So besides some down low scoring we are hoping that we can out rebound them.  We come into this game with better rebounding numbers, but if we want to beat them we really need to limit their second chance shots and get as many second chances for ourselves as possible.

The chances of us picking up a second consecutive BIG EAST road win aren’t great, but they aren’t impossible.  We just need a complete 40 minute effort with good play from everywhere.  This is a game that we have a chance in, we just need everybody to show up.  Marshon, Greedy, Sharuad, and VC have been good.  Bilal need to play big and points need to come off the bench.  B-Mac needs out hot or we really need him to go grab some bench.  Should be a fun game to watch (hopefully at least).


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