Greedy Peterson Article

Posted: January 13, 2010 in Miscellaneous, Player Updates
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We just want to call attention to an article written by Kevin McNamara in the ProJo: For PC’s high-flying ‘Greedy’ Peterson, the sky’s the limit. It is a little background on standout Greedy Peterson.  It gives you a brief insight into Greedy’s life before Providence at home in Brooklyn and the road he has taken to get the PC.  It was good to hear some of his back story.

“I started to dunk in the eighth grade. I liked it.”

That quote sounds about right to us.  But there are some interesting things in the article, including that Greedy was pushed into playing basketball and didn’t play until his junior year of high school.  Also how did Greedy come to be called Greedy?

“[Peterson is] Known as Greedy ever since his mother began scolding him for his large appetite.”

So if you get a chance read the article.


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