PFB BIG EAST Power Rankings

Posted: January 12, 2010 in PFB Weekly BIG EAST Power Rankings

Another week down in the BIG EAST.  Not a bad one at that.  Things are starting to pick up and teams are going to begin falling into place in the league.  Looking through these teams it ishard to place them because they all have so much talent, and sometimes a 1-3 team looks better than a 3-1 team but this is how we see for last week.  Syracuse still looks good at the top, but Pitt is in hot pursuit.  They are doing well even though they have opened with a brutal schedule.  West Virginia doesn’t seem to be quite as good as we thought.  Villanova has had some close games against middle of the road teams this year (for the BIG EAST that is), but has been able to remain unbeaten.  A couple teams seem to be on the snide but every week is a big week in the BIG EAST and at this point in the season it isn’t too late to prove yourself.

1.  Syracuse

Still behind Villanova in the polls, but we still think they are the team to beat in the BIG EAST.  The Cuse had a big win over a good Memphis team and took care of USF as well.  This week they play Rutgers which should not be a problem, and than match up against West Virginia… which should be a very interesting game.


2.  Pittsburgh

They haven’t had too much action this week, but the win at Cincy was nice.  Pitt will have to keep trucking through a brutal stretch of schedule as they travel to Connecticut on Wednesday and host Louisville on Saturday.


3.  Villanova

Nova nearly blew a 22 point lead at home to Marquette.  That said Marquette is a very good team, and the Cats did come away with the win, but it isn’t what we expect from the #4 team in the country.  Their other game came against DePaul which was an easy win.  They just got a nice win at Freedom Hall against Louisville, but the Georgetown game this weekend will be their first game against top team this season!  Which is odd, because most of the other top teams in the nation have played multiple top 15 teams.  We think they will beat Georgetown, but it will give a better indication of how they play against top competition.


4.  Georgetown

Georgetown showed a lot in their comeback against UConn.  They continue to get the job done, but they look to be beatable.  There upcoming games will give us a much better indication of how the Hoyas really look.  This week will be a tough one for the Hoyas as they take on both Seton Hall and Villanova.  Seton Hall is a dangerous team, and Villanova should be able to put them away.  It is a big week for the Hoyas.


5.  West Virginia

West Virginia took a tough loss at Notre Dame this week.  It is always difficult to play at South Bend, but we did not expect a loss from them in that game.  They have USF and Syracuse this week and than have some OOC games coming up.  Their performance against Syracuse will be important.  Definately try to watch that one.


6.  Notre Dame

Notre Dame got a very nice win over West Virginia the other night.  The Irish only have one game this week; a road contest at Cincy.  Notre Dame is proving to be a much better team than many people thought they would be.  A win over Cincy would be big for the Irish.


7.  Connecticut

It seems like it is a bit of a down year (by there standards) for the Huskies this year.  They gave up a lead in a tough loss to Georgetown.  They host Pitt next but than play Michigan and St. John’s.  UConn still doesn’t seem to have it all together, but when they get it going they have the talent on that team to cause problems in the BIG EAST.  Better stuff from Ater Majok would be very helpful.


8.  Marquette

Marquette has got to be one of the best 1-3 teams in conference play in a long time.  Two close loses to Villanova (one in which they should have won had it not been for a surprising no call) and a one point loss to West Virginia that tallied up to a margin of 5 total points are all that separating them from being near the top of this list.  The Golden Eagles did get a great win over Georgetown.  They are a good team.


9.  Cincinnati

After getting off to such a hot start Cincy has cooled down a little bit.  Losses to Seton Hall and Pitt are nothing to be ashamed about, but were games they needed to get to stay in the mix at the top of the BIG EAST.  They have the “light” part of their BIG EAST schedule coming up so they will need to do well.


10.  Louisville

After a questionable start to the season, Louisville is looking more like the usual Louisville.  They blew a big lead at home to Villanova which hurts a lot, but they show signs of improvement.  We aren’t sure where they’ll wind up, but Rick Pitino looks like he is getting his team into form.  They have the capability of beating anybody in the league.


11.  Seton Hall

Unfortunately for Seton Hall, they have opened, much like Marquette, 1-3 with one of the more difficult early BIG EAST schedules.  Hazell can really light it up and Seton Hall is very capable of finishing in the top eight of the league this year.  But they have three tough games in Georgetown, Louisville, and Pitt this week, so they will need to win at least two of those if they want to stay afloat.


12.  Providence

After a bad loss to Louisville, Providence got back on track with a win over Rutgers thanks to a big performance by Greedy Peterson.  Providence’s early BIG EAST schedule has been relatively kind.  They hit the road this week to play DePaul and than Marquette.  Two wins would be huge, but one win is essential.


13.  South Florida

USF is off to an 0-3 start.  They are capable of knocking off some good teams, especially at home as seen in their game against Notre Dame.  Away from home they have not faired well.  This week they have two home games this week, so let’s see what they can do.


14.  St. John’s

After a great OOC St. John’s has fallen back to the bottom.  On the outskirts of the AP Top 25, a home loss to Providence and a close loss to Georgetown hurt, but this week they get DePaul and Cincy.  They need to win both of those games.


15.  Rutgers

Rutgers had a deceptive start to the season.  They started off 9-2 but have been brought back down with the start of BIG EAST play.  They have some good talent on the team, but it will be tough for them to get wins this year.


16.  DePaul

Things just seem to never go right for DePaul.  Jerry Wainwright is out as coach after 22 consecutive regular season BIG EAST losses.  Maybe the change will bring some wins back to the Blue Demons.


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