DePaul: Wainwright Fired

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Big East, Miscellaneous
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After 22 consecutive winless outings in regular season BIG EAST play, DePaul has decided to fire Head Coach JerryWainwright. After a blow out loss to Villanova, where Wainwright broke his leg, DePaul had seen enough.  This season the Blue Demons got off to a decent 5-1 start but have thus far gone 0-3 in the BIG EAST and are only 7-8 overall.  Despite success at both UNC-Wilmington and Richmond, Wainwright struggled for wins with DePaul.  He came to the team in the 2005-2006 season and since that time has only reached a 59-80 record, with a 20-51 record in the BIG EAST.  His only winning season came in 2006-2007.  Wainwright had this to say at his press conferance:

“Obviosuly I didn’t win enough to achieve the success that was expected in this area. They [DePaul] are not that are not that far from being successful on the court… they do need a bounce or two and something good to happen and something good to happen for them.  And when that happens the sky is the limit.”

For the remainder of the season assistant Tracey Webster will take the helm as the interim head coach.

Obviously you have to feel badly for Jerry Wainwright.  As we at Providence know the BIG EAST is a beast and is difficult to get wins in.  22 straight losses is usually enough to lose you your job though.  We do not follow DePaul so closely, but we could imagine their struggles.  Much like Providence it must be a difficult place to win and to recruit.  Yes, it pulls from Chicago, but it receives stiff competition from Big 10 schools, and usually loses those battles.  Also, it hurts when your best players from your winless BIG EAST team last year leave for the NBA.

We don’t doubt that Wainwright has good coaching ability, just DePaul wasn’t the right fit for him.  Hopefully he recovers, and hopefully DePaul finds somebody who will be able to restore them to the successes of their past… but after we play them of course.

As far as how this changes Thursday nights game… we don’t know.  There have been plenty of instances where a new coach comes in, shakes a few things up and gets a win, but there have been just as many instances where the opposite has happened.  The team will be emotional and they will be on their home court, but we don’t think that there will be a noticeable difference in what DePaul does or how they play.  There just isn’t enough time for Tracey Webster to make that much of an impact.  That said, never underestimate a team in a situation like DePauls.  It could be a tough game, but it is one that we should win.


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