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Posted: December 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Since deciding to attend Providence College we have become big PC fans and tried to learn as much about PCBasketball history as we can, but we have only been following the team in depth for a few years and are not as qualified to reflect back on past decade of Friars basketball.  So for this we pass you off to other PC blogs.

Friarblog – As the 2000’s were the most disappointing decade in Friar history, Friarblog very appropriately posted the top ten worst games of the 2000s.  There is a summary of the game and than a personal memory of each loss.  If you haven’t already read it you should

Top 10 Worst Games of the 2000’s

The State of Friars Basketball – Over at the State there is a post about their favorite games of the decade.  It is along, but it has some good games in their.  Both wins and losses.  And we were pleased to see it capped by the Providence win over Pitt last year.  Good stuff, check it out.

My 10 Favorite Friar Games from the 2000’s

FriarsBasketball – FriarsBasketball has made a pretty comprehensive look back at Friar Basketball.  It is a two part look with everything from the best villain, to the worst recruiting class, to the All-Decade team.  Definitely some interesting things over there.

A Decade of Friars Basketball I

A Decade of Friars Basketball II

Also, unrelated, it is always interesting to see what is going on on other teams blogs.  IBleedBlueandWhite, a Villanova blog, posted a little blurb about each BIG EAST team and ranked them in predicted order of difficulty for the Wildcats.  Providence was second to last, thankfully above DePaul.  This is what they had to say about PC:

Providence Friars (8-4) – One of my favorite teams to watch when I randomly bump into them on TV. Keno Davis lost too much experience to make a tourney run, but that hasn’t stopped the fun ‘n gun offense out in Rhode Island. The 110-97 victory at George Washington either gave Friars fans an erection or caused irreparable emotional damage. Head on over to Friarblog to comment on that.

Always interesting to see what people away from the team think of the team.  Glad to see that the “fun ‘n gun” is exciting for others, because sometimes it makes us just want to go crazy.


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