PFB Weekly BIG EAST Power Rankings Dec. 14 (Week 5)

Posted: December 14, 2009 in PFB Weekly BIG EAST Power Rankings

It was a tough week for the BIG EAST.  The league that started out so strongly, saw some of its big names take really terrible losses.  Villanova, Notre Dame, and Louisville were the headliners in that department.  It also saw some teams take really hard fought losses in UConn and Cincy.  But a loss is a loss and this week the BIG EAST stacked up a few more than they should have.  Also this week was the SEC BIG EAST Invitational.  The invitational finished in a 2-2.  The best teams of the week have to be of course Syracuse remaining unbeaten with a win over Florida, and Georgetown who knocked off two ranked teams and has been quietly going about their business in the early goings.

1.  Syracuse (10-0) Previously: 1

The Orange just reassured there spot with a big double digit win over the undefeated Florida Gators.  This team has taken on all comers and beaten them convincingly.  They are well balanced and have some depth.  No doubt about it, Cuse is rolling and still in the #1 spot.


2.  Georgetown (8-0) Previously: 5

It seems that the Hoyas have been quietly going about their business.  They had two big wins this week over Butler and Washington, and their close win over Temple dos not look nearly as bad after seeing Temple beat Villanova by double digits.  The Hoyas are looking good.


3.  West Virginia (7-0) Previously: 2

The Mountaineers have not done a ton to impress (besides the win over Texas A&M), but they are a very talented team and have not had any real slip-ups along the way.  They look to be playing well, but we will get a better look at them when the BIG EAST starts.


4.  St. John’s (8-1) Previously 6

Now we feel like some people may disagree with this, and it is very possible that as soon as the BIG EAST starts the Red Storm will fade, but for now they have impressed.  Wins over Temple, Siena, Georgia, with their only loss coming at the hands of Duke (at Duke) gives the Johnnies #4.  It looks like they will be able to enter the BIG EAST at 10-1, which clearly is a great start.


5.  Connecticut (8-2) Previously 10

The Huskies lost their only game this week, but if you saw it we think that you might be on the same page as us.  They gave Kentucky all they could handle.  They came up a little short, but seeing them play like that against a team as good as Kentucky makes you realize how good UConn is capable of being.  Their losses have come to solid teams and their close game over Harvard doesn’t look that terrible anymore.


6.  Villanova (9-1) Previously 3

The Wildcats had two games against Big 5 competition and neither one did them much good.  They let rival St. Joe’s hang around with them, and than took a double digit loss to Temple (Whom Georgetown and St. John’s have both beaten).  Some might say those Big 5 games are difficult, but let’s just say the Big 5 is not what it used to be.  Reggie Redding will be coming back from his marijuana suspension, so that should help Nova, but their post situation is not great and will need to improve if they want to fair well in the BIG EAST.


7.  Cincinnati (6-2) Previously 4

The Bearcats took a very tough loss on the road to rival Xavier.  In took two overtimes but finally Xavier put away Cincy.  The loss hurts them, but is not a bad loss.  They are still a good team and will be dangerous once the BIG EAST rolls around.


8.  Seton Hall (8-0) Previously 7

As Seton Hall is still undefeated we feel it necessary to put them in the top half.  They actually might be a very good team this year, just they haven’t played anyone to prove it.  They have Temple coming up, so while that is by no means a major win, it will at least give us an idea how they fair against decent competition.


9.  Pittsburgh (8-2) Previously 9

Their loss to Indiana was not a good one.  That is a game that they should have won.  We were ready to drop them in the rankings but after looking at other teams’ losses we decided that Indiana wasn’t that bad.  They rebounded with a win and have a couple more games to get them to ten wins before the BE.


10.  Marquette (7-3) Previously 8

They have dropped a little from last week but they did have to play Wisconsin.  They played tough but came up short.  Winning at Wisconsin is no easy task.


11.  Notre Dame (8-2) Previously 11

The Irish looked to be rolling and than took a terrible loss to Loyola Marymount.  Not good.  We have not been able to see Notre Dame play yet, so we can’t say too much else.


12.  South Florida (9-2) Previously 12

The Bulls took a bad loss to Central Michigan.  That loss seemed to be more characteristic of last years team than this years.  That said they are still 9-2 and doing better than usually.  But like we have been saying.  Don’t look for them to make a jump this year in the standings.  Expect them to not be an easy win though.


13.  Rutgers (6-2) Previously 15

This is where things get a little painful at the bottom.  Rutgers has not done much, but than again in the bottom four most teams have not.  Rutgers has only two losses and will probably get through the rest of the OOC without a loss.  We still think that they will be at the bottom when the BIG EAST starts, but for now they are #14.


14.  DePaul (6-3) Previously 14

The Blue Demons had one win and one loss this week, but that loss was pretty bad.  They got absolutely blown out by a better Mississippi State team.  They must be anxiously awaiting Mac Koshwal’s return.


15.  Louisville (5-3) Previously 13

Honestly this is never a place that we thought that we would see the Cardinals drop to.  They have had OOC struggles in past (including last season) but back to back losses to Charlotte and than Western Caroline (even if they are now 10-1) are difficult to take.  The ‘Ville has to get it together quickly.


16.  Providence (7-4) Previously 16

For the second week in a row the Friars are at the bottom of the list.  We thought that offensive eruption over GW was a good sign and a win good enough to at least move them up a spot, but in a week that many BIG EAST teams had a bad loss so did Providence.  A home loss to Iona is inexcusable and leaves them stuck at the bottom of our rankings.


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