Postgame: Providence 73, Iona 82

Posted: December 13, 2009 in Postgame
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The Iona College Gaels (6-4) beat the Providence (7-4) last night, by the score of 82 to 73.  Iona led for the entire game only allowing PC to get close one time.  The Gaels were led by freshman guard Kyle Smyth.  Smyth scored a career high with 21 points.  Iona also got a strong games out of Scott Machado and Rashard Dwight.  With the win the Gaels improve to 6-4 and the Friars fall to 7-4.

The loss was disappointing on many fronts for the Friars, who have already dropped their second game of the season.  There were of number of times where PC seemed poised to make a comeback but could not get their shots to fall.  Some of the Friars seemed to be wary of the dangerous Iona team that came to the Dunk, however, that message did not reach everybody on the team.

“We knew they had a good ballclub coming in.  We knew that if we didn’t play our best basketball, that we could be in for a long night.”

Sharaud Curry said:

“The guys are not as experienced and they might not know that we have to be ready for every team. We have to prepare for every game.  At this level, anybody can beat you. Guys will find that out.”

Providence will next play Yale at the Dunk on December 21.

That was an embarrassing loss.  We knew that Iona was a dangerous team coming into this game.  They had a couple close games with good competition in FSU and Baylor, but it just didn’t seem like everybody on the team respected them as a team that could (and eventually would) beat them.  Also the offense was apparently exhausted last game at GW, because there was none left for this game.  Essentially all the things that were so good about last game were missing this game.  Last game there was complete balance, with everybody getting offensively into the mix.  The extra passes were being made and the shots were falling.  None of that happened last night.  The 3 point average from GW which was right around .500 was at .161.  A night when you can only shoot 30% from the field is a night when you are going to struggle to win.  As always the problem is consistency.  We understand that there will be good nights and bad ones, but to have such a difference between the GW game and the Iona game is a lot to take.

There really weren’t too many positives in the game except that by some miracle Bilal was the only Friar who didn’t pick up a personal foul, and that Johnnie Lacy provided a spark off of the bench.

This is a loss that you are embarrassed about.  It is part of the growing pains for sure, but ouch… it hurts.  We don’t expect to fair so well in the BIG EAST, but we did expect to be much better in the OOC.  But this is part of the building and hopefully this delayed gratification will be great when we finally receive it.  That doesn’t take away any of the sting of getting beat on your own court by a MAAC team though.  And it’s difficult to put any sort of positive spin on this either.  It wasn’t a close game that gave you experience or anything like that.  We guess it just taught this young team that you have to come to play everyday.  It doesn’t matter what the name on the other jersey says.

PFB Player of the Game: Marshon Brooks – A tough one between Marshon and Johnnie Lacy.  Johnnie finally had a nice game off of the bench, but Marshon’s 18 points and 7 rebounds give him the edge by a little.


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