Postgame: Providence Wins Shootout with GW

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Postgame
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Providence (6-3) won what turned put to be an offensive shootout over the George Washington University Colonials (6-2) last night, 110-97.  The Friars shot just over 50% from the field and GW shot just under.  PC also struck 16 times from behind the arc also shooting above 50%.  Providence used double digit performances from 6 players to amass their 110 point total.  Marshon Brooks led the way with 19, but Sharaud Curry, Vincent Council, Brian McKenzie, Bilal Dixon, and Greedy Peterson all saw double figures in their scoring columns.  The Colonials were led by the play of standout senior Damian Hollis‘ 21 points and freshman Lasan Kromah‘s 22 points.

Let’s get right into things with the positives.  First, is that we won.  Always a positive when that happens.  With the win PC improves to 2-2 on the road in their OOC schedule.  Sure it could have been 4-0, but for a young team 2-2 is nothing to hang your head about.  The team was unable to really put the Colonials away, but maybe their experience in all of the close games they have had this year helped as they were able to at least keep GW at a reasonably safe distance heading into the home stretch.  Another positive was the team effort.  We listened to the postgame show on WEEI and Bilal was talking about how they were making the extra pass this game.  It was clear that they were.  They ran through their plays and didn’t take the first shot that came to them, instead waiting for the better shot to develop.  The results were some very open three pointers that PC was able to connect with.  The team effort led to an incredibly balanced scoring attack, reminiscent of last year when 5 players were averaging double figures.  We are not good enough this year to rely on a couple of guys to get 25 points and lead us to a win.  We have seen what happens when one of the players we  expect to get over 20 points has a bad night… we lose.  If we can have nights like last night when you have 5 or 6 players right around the 15 point mark is when we will be at our best.  Opposing teams will not be able to just focus on Marshon and take him out of the game.  We will be able to keep them honest because we will have scoring threats all over the court.  This doesn’t mean we will beat the BIG EAST teams that we play, we are just saying that a team where every player on the court is a potential threat to score on any given play is a good team to have.

Individually it is difficult to say who was the standout (but we will for the PFB Player of the Game) because offensively it was so balanced.  The people we would really like to mention, however, are Bilal Dixon and B-Mac.  Congratulations to Bilal who scored a new career high with 18 points.  He helped out on the glass and, in the first half at least, stayed out of foul trouble.  That actually was probably the most surprising part of the first half.  Bilal wasn’t fouling anybody.  Of course he did tally up 4 PFs before the game finished but he was available for the majority of the game.  And when he is in the game and not in foul trouble he can be a very productive player, as was seen last night.  The other nice performance was from B-Mac.  People have been very hard on B-Mac, and probably rightfully so.  This is where we stand on the whole B-Mac thing: B-Mac is a senior who has been through the BIG EAST.  On this team we don’t have many other people like him in that regard.  He has had some not so great games, but we do not have a problem with him starting.  We feel that he should be starting.  He has the potential to have good games like he did last night.  He also has the potential to disappear like he has for most of this season, in which case you sit him down on those nights.  It seems like he might be finding his three again, and with his size, athleticism, and experience we would very much like him to get his game together before the BE starts.  It is the OOC, so if there is a time to maybe over play him a little and give him a little bit of an extra chance now is that time.  But like we said, on nights he just isn’t bringing it sit him down and give Kyle Wright a shot.  If we can get about 10 points out of B-Mac a night that would be really good… 17 is great.  We aren’t hopping on the B-Mac train after two good games (both of which came recently and on the road), but we are definitely not leaving him behind.  He has the potential to be a great asset for us if he can get things together.

Alright, quickly the negatives.  97 points.  In the post game interview Keno joked that “we held them to 97,” which after a win is fine, but if we had lost this game and given up that many points it clearly would not be funny.  Early on PC had some really solid defensive performances.  We know that we were kind of blitzed by the GW speed and their press break, and they were almost equally has hot shooting the ball, but we need to buckle down a little.  Against better teams this kind of shootout might go the other way.  So a little added D will go a a long way.  But this was the 3rd game in 7 days and there was only one day in between Brown and GW, half of which was spent in transit.  The other problem was the boards.  They beat us on the offensive glass.  We don’t like the thought of giving up 24 offensive rebounds… too many second chances.  That said, interestingly enough 10 of the GW rebounds came from what shows up in the stat sheet as “team,” as Coach Keno Davis pointed out in the postgame show.  That is after a missed  the ball carries out of bounds with and possession went to GW.  “Team” was their leading rebounder for the game.  So take that away and we still got them.

So all in all an exciting game with a lot of positives (besides the 97 points scored by GW).  We will need another strong offensive game if we are going to beat the Iona Gaels this Saturday in the last game before finals break.  The Gaels are a dangerous team but we will have more about them later.  Good win on the road for a young Friars team.

PFB Player of the Game: Sharuad Curry- we were going to give it to the PC Offense but we like to limit it to one person a game.  There were many guys who had great games, but we really liked what Sharuad did.  Like Greedy, Sharaud posted a double-double, except his double-double was 17 points and a ridiculous 13 assists.  It is really great when you can create 17 points worth of baskets for yourself and 13 other baskets for your teammates.  Oh and Sharaud also got into the mix with a very solid 5 rebounds.  Solid game from Sharaud.


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