PFB BIG EAST Power Rankings Dec. 7 (Week 4)

Posted: December 7, 2009 in PFB Weekly BIG EAST Power Rankings

Not too much change up front in the line up but the usually shifting in the middle of the pack.  This should be a big week for Syracuse as they have a huge test in taking on Florida.  UConn and Louisville did not have great weeks but the season is still early.  And unfortunately for PC fans, we had to drop them down a spot… and they only had one spot to drop.  They have an opputunity to beat George Washington on the road, but that will be difficult.  Hopefully they can pick themselves up and brush themselves off after the URI game and have a solid week.  Otherwise there are really some teams that are having a good and surprising start.  It will be interesting to see if they can keep it up.  Also BIG EAST is still looking good with 6 teams in the Top 25.

1. Syracuse (8-0) Previously 1

For the third straight week Syracuse is #1.  We feel it would be hard to argue with that still.  They have not just beat the teams they were supposed to beat but have blown them out.  This week should be a huge test as the take on Billy Donovan’s undefeated Florida Gators.


2. West Virginia (5-0) Previously 2

West Virginia did not see any action this week which didn’t help them, but also didn’t hurt them.  They have a really good looking team and their win over Portland last week was impressive but their is still a lot to see about how good this team really is.


3. Villanova (8-0) Previously 3

Still undefeated and still ranked #3 in the country.  We don’t think even Villanova people really would agree in saying they are playing like the 3rd best team in the nation, but they will most likely stay there as they run through what is a very weak OCC schedule.  They did beat Marland last night, but it is a mediocre Maryland team and they played very sloppy against them.  We don’t know if their bigs will be able to hold up once the BIG EAST hits.


4. Cincinnati (5-1) Previously 4

The Bearcats had one win over a bad team, but their performances against in their kick-off tournament are still lingering.  They have Xavier at the end of the week, so look to see if they can handle them as well.


5. Georgetown (6-0) Previously 6

The Hoyas have been handling the competion they’ve seen so far.  A close first game has been their only real test, until they play Butler on Tuesday night.  That game will give us a better idea of the state of the Hoyas.


6. St. John’s (6-1) Previously 10

Would it be terrible if we put the Johnnies this high?  They have beaten decent teams (not great by any means), but we were really impressed at how well they played Duke.  They are off to a 6-1 start and have another chance this week to beat an SEC team in Georgia.


7. Seton Hall (6-0) Previously 11

The Pirates are still undefeated.  We are honestly not sure how good they are because they haven’t played anybody who you can say… oh that was a good win… and they won’t until BE play starts up.  But they are a perfect 6-0 right now so they are in out top eight.


8. Marquette (6-2) Previously 5

Loses to good teams in NC State and Florida State is not the worst thing.  They played both those teams extremely close.  Buzz is doing a great job over there and the Golden Eagles are better than people expected.


9. Pittsburgh (7-1) Previously 8

The Panthers only loss is still to Texas… so you almost can’t even blame them.  Yes they have had some close games but they have won all the games they were supposed to and did play Texas very close for a good portion of that game.


10. Connecticut (7-1) Previously 7

The loss to Duke was disappointing for sure.  Duke put on a rebounding and hustle clinic.  But we still really like all the talent on this team, but than playing such a close game against Harvard?  We know they are supposed to be a good Ivy this year, but that is not a score that looked good.  Something isn’t quite clicking for the Huskies.  When it does click… they might have something.


11. Notre Dame (8-1) Previously 12

We are surprised we put the Irish so low.  The problem with them is the only test they had in their OCC they lost in a less than impressive game.  Now the Irish have no games to leave a better impression before going to the BE portion of the schedule.  They are good but it will be hard to see how good they are until they are able to play another game that tests them.


12. South Florida (7-1) Previously 13

USF is sitting at 7-1.  They really haven’t done anything special yet, but they really haven’t had any slip-ups either.  Good start for the Bulls.  Better than we can say about other teams.


13. Louisville (5-2) Previously 9

So Louisville had a tough loss to a very good UNLV team which was understandable.  But even though Charlotte has started out with a good record this season, a 22 point loss at Freedom Hall is unacceptable.  The cardinals didn’t have a great start last year and this doesn’t look too much better.  The Cards need to get back on track.


14. DePaul (5-2) Previously 14

The Blue Demons took a huge loss in losing their big man.  They lost to Vandy this past week and dangerous Mississippi State team this week.  For DePaul Mac Koshwal cannot come back soon enough.


15. Rutgers (5-2) Previously 16

So this is painful.  Rutgers won both games they played this week to move up to the #15 spot.  Their upcoming games are pretty reasonable as well so they might have a few more wins headed their way.


16. Providence (5-3) Previously 15

So we didn’t want to do this but we had too.  The Friars are in at the #16 spot.  The win at Northeastern was less than impressive and a 16 point lead blown at URI hurts.  The Friars play great for most of the game but have trouble closing teams out.  Another tough road game against George Washington will be another opportunity for PC to put together a complete game performance.

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