Postgame: PC vs. URI…Bummer.

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Postgame
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The Friars lost 86-82 to The University of Rhode Island Rams yesterday.  The Friars led by as many as 16,and the game looked out of reach for the Rams, but a second half comeback led to an exciting last few minutes that left PC very disappointed.  URI had 5 player reach double digits in scoring with Keith Cothran leading the way with 10.  The Friars were led by another double double performance by Greedy Peterson, but had four other players reach double figures in scoring as well.  Marshon Brooks, who was in foul trouble early, never really got things going and only finished with 4 points.  The Friars turnovers were what plagued them in their loss.  An uncharacteristic 19 turnovers led to a lot of Ram points.  With the win the Rams move to 5-1 and 4th in the A-10, and the Friars move to 5-3 and last in the BIG EAST.

So that wasn’t fun.  We aren’t really sure how we even feel about what happened.  Early on Marshon gets in foul trouble so we think we are in trouble, but we have a great first half.  VC throwing crazy good passes pushing the ball up the court, great rebounding, and even B-Mac putting in major work!  Going into halftime we honestly didn’t think this was a lead PC would loss.  We mean Marshon wasn’t even playing and we had run up a double digit lead on them.

We were wrong.  Apparently no lead is safe with the Friars.  A frustrating loss not only because of the 16 point lead that was blown but because once again, down the stretch PC had trouble hanging onto the ball.  And once again it was the go-to-guys that had the trouble.  But maybe we should stop referring to them as the go-to-guys.  We should seriously be thinking about making VC the go-to-guy.

This loss was terrible and that terribleness is only compounded by the fact that it was to URI.  You can say that we were underdogs anyway.  That a win was unexpected.  But when you are up by 16 and playing as well as they did in the first half without the star player in , its a game that you are expected to win.  But there is little use going on about it.  It is a bummer, and for the next year URI fans will have the bragging rights, but next year we will get revenge.

There were three positives in this game.  First and most importantly is the play of VC.  We say this after every game, but wow.  He plays as if he is the most experienced player out there.  He is a freshman and is already as good as he is.  He is only going to keep getting better and better, and at 6’2″ 180 he has the body that will allow him to succeed in the BIG EAST as well.  VC was quite a find and is reason to optimistic about the future even with such a loss.  Greedy was also a positive.  Yes he got blocked and had an inexcusable technical at the end of the game but another double-double performance cannot be overlooked.  He has continued to play well.  Last, was B-Mac.  We were shocked at his play as he almost reached a double-double himself.  He went quiet in the second half but it was good to see him hit some outside shots and put the ball in the hoop.  He is a veteran and we need production like that from him more often.  Whenever he feels like scoring 13 points and grabbing 9 boards we will take it.

So that is all we got.  This loss was a bummer.  We really have only one notable OCC game left at George Washington so it will be important to grab a win on the road there.  These tough losses are difficult to swallow.  It seems like this has happened all too often given how young the season still is.  The three losses we have could have been three more wins, but as always this is a young team being built for the future so these are the growing pains we all will have to come to accept.

Oh  and storming the court… All ten kids.  C’mon really?

PC Player of the Game: Vincent Council. Yes Greedy had another big game with a double-double, but VC was really impressive.  For those of you who watched the game some of his passes were just great.  6 rebounds, 6 assists, a steal and 16 points for a freshman in a big game is impressive.  Yes he had 5 tournovers, but he still gets the nod as player of the game for PC.


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  1. Gary says:

    I was at the PC-URI basketball game on Saturday (December 4th), and there was a rap song played during the pregame warmups that I would like to know the name of the artist and the song name. I am looking just for the song name and artist of the song. Thanks for any help!!!

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