USF: Anthony Crater Suspended. USF Under Investigation? [Updated]

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Big East, Player Updates
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University of South Florida guard Anthony Crater is being suspended after failing his second drug test. Crater, a sophomore transfer from Ohio State previously failed a drug test while at Ohio State.  Due to Crater’s suspension and reports by the school is now under investigation.  The NCAA is investigating alleged violations, including a strength coach providing transportation for players and illegally working out with them.

The University of South Florida Athletics Department did not answer or return calls from reporters.

Update is reporting that USF says it has no record of an NCAA probe. Alleged allegations from the online site said that USF was was guilty of numerous violations and that the NCAA was looking into the matter in the form of an official investigation.  USF Athletic Director Chris Freet denied these reports.

Considering that we just made a post concerning another suspension (that one being lifted) we really don’t have anything to say about this, especially since the school is only under investigation and has not been found guilty of anything yet.  That said, Crater choice’s are regrettable and hopefully he gets things straightened out.

We don’t know, maybe its just us, but there seems to be a new problem in the BIG EAST every other week.  We know that all over the country basketball teams have had issues and hiccups, but there seem to have been a lot in the BIG EAST.  Of course not all these problems are a reflection of the respective programs entirely, rather individual outbursts by select players, but some of them have been.  Plus starting back with Rick Pitino in the Spring there just seem to have been a lot of problems so far.  Luckily Providence has not been a part of it, and hopefully they keep it that way.

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