Keno Davis Radio Show Tonight on WEEI Providence

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Miscellaneous
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Tonight at 7:00 pm on WEEI 103.7 Coach Keno Davis will join John Rooke for the year’s first installment of the Keno Davis Radio Show.  The show will be held at LUXE Burger Bar in Providence.  The show will run live for one hour and is free and open to the public as always.  Coach Keno Davis will be discussing PC basketball and answering question from fans.  If you can tune in, there should be some good stuff.  Especially as the Friars head into their big game against URI.  Also it will be a good a good chance to get the Coach’s take on the status of all the new players, and maybe an update on Johnnie Lacy.  If you can’t listen in check back on Coach Davis’ website or on the WEEI Providence website for audio later tonight or tomorrow.  We will try to post the links on this post as we become aware of their availability.  For more information on the Keno Davis Radio Show go to


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