Johnnie Lacy Not Happy

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Player Updates

So we were thinking of putting something about Johnnie Lacy together for this blog.  When he was successfully recruited to PC, there was reason to be very happy.  He was a highly ranked PG that had people in Providence talking.  He was also, only the second highest PG recruited to the team, after freshman Vincent Council.  Going into this season we knew Vincent Council would probably get more of the minutes, but we thought Johnnie would play a much bigger role; so far he has not.  The first few games, which we weren’t able to watch, we weren’t even sure if Coach Keno Davis was thinking about red-shirting him with Kadeem Batts.  But, as Johnnie has gotten into 6 of the 7 games so far, it is clear that is not going to happen.  In those 6 games though, Lacy has been averaging 7 minutes a game which is the lowest on the team for any of the scholarship players, and he barely saw any action last night at Northeastern.

So we were thinking of looking into things and making a post within the week or so until we saw his facebook status by way of


So we figured now was as good a time as any to address the Johnnie Lacy, or lack there of issue.  We went to his page and saw the status followed by other comments that seemed to be more rational.  A bunch of friends have been supporting him.

We have this to say.  Hang in there Johnnie.  It must be frustrating getting no minutes… no chance to show that you belong on the court.  You are behind two very good guards in Vincent Council and Sharaud Curry, but the next three years look very promising.  You will get a chance this year, just stay positive and ready for when it comes to you.  You have worked hard to get here and are part of our family now.

We are sure Coach Keno had the gang are doing there best to deal with this.  It has been odd how little he has played, but hopefully Johnnie realizes that he has a bright future as a Friar and doesn’t get down on himself just yet.  He is just a freshman and it is so so early in the season.  There will be plenty of time and plenty of opportunity this year and in the next three years.  So let’s rally around him because we want him here for the next three years.

We will try to stay as up to date as we can about the Johnnie Lacy issue, but in the mean time lets see what the coming games have in store for him.


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