Villanova: Mouphtaou Yarou Out for the Year with Hep B [Updated]

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Big East, Player Updates
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In reading other blogs around the BIG EAST we came across this story on a very good Villanova blog,  6’10” Freshman Mouphtaou Yarou is likely gone for the season with Hepatitis B.  Mouph, a top 25 recruit originally from Benin, Africa had had questions about his real age swirling about down the main line earlier this season, but they seem to have been resolved.  He left the team in Puerto Rico during the tournament and has not played since before the tournament.  He was seen on the bench in Villanova’s victory over Big 5 Rival LaSalle but was dressed in a suit.  The story was originally reported by Fox Sports by Jeff Goodman.

Hepatitis B is a viral infection most common in parts of Asia and Africa.  The transmission of Hep B results from exposure to infectious blood or body fluids containing blood, most commonly unprotected sex or the sharing of unclean needles.  The most common symptom is liver inflammation and vomiting, but if not treated it can lead to much worse.  There is no set treatment for Hep B because in most adults clear the infection spontaneously within a couple of weeks to several months.

Coach Jay Wright said that Mouph would not be able to go for the Drexel game tomorrow night, and that he realizes he could be out for the season.  Currently Yarou is being cared for by Villanova team physician Dr. Furman.

First and most importantly, we wish the big guy well.  It doesn’t matter if Mouph played for UConn we would still hope for his speedy recovery.  We had been trying to follow this story since Mouph left the team in Puerto Rico.  There was a lot of speculation of what was wrong, but all that was certain was that he had a viral infection.  Fast foward to this past week, we watched most of Villanova get past LaSalle on ESPN, and there was Mouph on the bench in a suit.  Now he thought to be out for the remainder of the season with Hep B.  An odd story but, we wish him well and a speedy recovery.

Now for the impact on the Wildcats.  Today the Wildcats moved up to #3 in the rankings.  A lofty ranking for sure, especially considering that compared to teams like Duke and Syracuse (last year was a different year), who have been putting the hurt on much better competition, they have not done much to justify themselves, and have not been overly impressive in the games they have won (really escaping in a couple of them).  They did not really challenge themselves in their OCC and like we said in the power rankings part of the weakness of their schedule is due to the Big 5 (and City 6) has being a bit of a joke.  Yes, last year the Big 5 put teams into the NCAA but Temple and St. Joe’s have already lost to DePaul and St. John’s and LaSalle may be better, but they aren’t that much better, and a win over Penn is equivalent to a win over Brown, except Brown has actually won a game at this point.  Villanova started the season with a lofty ranking, but has done little to justify it, there best OCC game will come against a Maryland team that has been falling short of expectations.

Maurice Sutton, has been good so far, but is not ready to be a big in the BIG EAST just yet.  And Antonio Pena has made great improvements but when he has to square up against Ater Majok, Greg Monroe, and Samardo Samuels we don’t think things will go so well.  Nova relies on guard play but the key to their success last year was standout Dante Cunningham.  This year without him, and without the presence of a big like Mouph (freshman or not) we don’t see them hanging on to that high ranking, or winning the BIG EAST once BIG EAST play starts.  Just look at the rebounding numbers LaSalle put up against them.  We know Reggie Redding will be back from his marijuana suspesion for the BIG EAST, but is it enough for Villanova to hang in there and win the BIG EAST, is it enough for them to even finish of the West Virginia’s, Syracuse’s, and UConn’s?  Let us know what you think?

And once again, we wish Mouph all the best.


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