Postgame: BC Beats Out PC

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Postgame

Boston College (4-2) beat Providence College (4-2) Saturday night at The Dunkin’ Donuts Center 82-77.  The Eagles had a balanced attack with four players getting into double digits.  BC was without Rakim Sanders, but Reggie Jackson picked up the slack and put in 20 points.  Boston College also controlled the paint grabbing a more rebounds than PC and scoring over 60 points in the paint.  The Friars were led by Sharaud Curry, who broke out of his slump and put up 20 points and 8 assists.  Greedy Peterson, Marshon Brooks, Bilal Dixon, and Vincent Council all scored in double digits as well.  The Friars led with a minute to play, but a costly turnover from Sharaud Curry, a missed three point attempt in the closing seconds, and Bilal Dixon fouling out yet again allowed BC to get their second consecutive win over the Friars.

Sorry for the delay in our postgame.  Yesterday was a long day of travel and we didn’t have time to put this up.  Also it gave us some time to let this loss set in and to think about it.  That said this was still a terrible loss.  BC’s best player, Rakim Sanders wasn’t playing, and there leading scorer for the season, Joe Trapani, had been in bed all day leading up to the game with flu-like symptoms.  BC was not at full strength and we still couldn’t get past them.  The problem was that in this game PC did not come ready to play.  Sahraud had this to say to the ProJo:

“We came out, for whatever reason, and didn’t play well.  They came out hard and got us on the rebounds and that really hurt us. We dug ourselves a big hole. I was just telling the guys that we can’t do that. The games are about to get tougher and we have to come out right from the jump with very high intensity.”

Marshon said this:

“We came out without intensity. It wasn’t enough from the beginning.  I wasn’t going hard enough. I played 30 minutes and had four rebounds. That can’t happen.”

This is a young team and there will be growing pains, but these are games that should be won.  I’m glad the leaders of this team can acknowledge what the problem is but the blame is more on them than on the newcomers.  Marshon needs to put together consistent performances and to do better against more physical teams, and Sharuad needs to be better down the stretch.  Yes, Marshon has had amazing full game performances, and yes Sharuad has been clutch (Villanova game last year), but because of how young this team is their roles are magnified.

The positives in this game were the reemergence of Sharaud and the continuously exceptional play of freshman Vincent Council.  It was good to see that Sharaud finally started putting the ball in the hoop.  Minus the final minute of the game he looked really good.  Also Vincent Council is showing that next year when Sharaud leaves there will be an easy transition at the point.  He can score, pass, run the offense, and he can definitely defend.  He was a great recruiting score for Coach Keno Davis and is hopefully a sign of things to come (we can’t wait to see him play with Gerard Coleman).

On a not so hot note Brain McKenzie, has not been doing too much to contribute.  He has great potential, but it is his senior year and he needs to get things together in a hurry.  Also Bilal really needs to stop with the whole fouling out thing.  His post defense wasn’t great by any means but his size is badly needed down low so him fouling out all the time needs to stop.  James Still will be good but right now he isn’t strong enough, and Russ “Chainsaw” Permenter is physical but isn’t as refined.  Bilal… work on your D.

The bottom line is this: we are very young, and very inexperienced.  These games are frustrating, but the silver lining is that they serve as great experience for this young team.  Its hard sometimes but we find solace in knowing that this team is being built for the future… not for this year.  Losing builds character (that said we still hate losing) and this team will grow with every loss like this.  But winning builds confidence and chemistry and we had been looking for this game to in some ways erase the Alabama loss, but it certainly did not do that.  Moving forward; however, PC still has games against respectable opponents in Northeastern, URI, and George Washington.  If Providence can go the rest of their OCC schedule undefeated and enter BIG EAST play 10-2 than we would have something to build off.  It is a challenge, but it is attainable.

PC Player of the Game: Sharaud Curry – We know his final minute performance hurt a lot, but we wouldn’t have been in that position if Sharaud didn’t have a great game to help PC comeback in the first place.


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