PFB Weekly BIG EAST Power Rankings (Week 3)

Posted: November 30, 2009 in PFB Weekly BIG EAST Power Rankings

Once again we bring you the PFB power ranking.  Like we said last week it is so early in the season that it is difficult to tell who fits on where and there is going to be a lot of moving around in the first few weeks, but this is what we have come up with fit the time being.  So once again feel free to comment, disagree, pick it apart, or agree.  We are really interested to see what people think especially about the success of Cincy and Marquette, the quite lofty ranking of Villavova nationally.  Do you think the Bearcats and Golden Eagles are for real this year, and do you think the Villanova ranking is justified???


1. Syracuse (6-0) Previously: 1

For the second week in a row the Orange sit in the top spot.  It was an easy week as they beat up on a couple of Ivy’s but there wins have still, most certainly been the most impressive so far.  The Orange are very good.  They have another mild week ahead but on December 10 they will meet up with the Florida Gators… could be a good game.


2. West Virginia (5-0) Previously: 4

West Virginia has finally started playing some games and they look good.  They won their tournament and absolutely beat up on a Portland team that has given other teams a lot of trouble.  Ebanks came back for there game against A&M and looked good despite having not even practiced.  Once he gets going the Mountaineers will be tough to beat, especially at home.


3. Villanova (6-0) Previously: 3

Like Syracuse the Cats had an easy week only playing Big 5 Rival LaSalle.  We put them at #3 because of their lofty ranking and undefeated record, but we really don’t know how good they are.  Nova rarely challenges themselves in the preseason in part because the Big 5 teams they play (and City 6 if you include Drexel), which is not very good this year.  There best game will come against a mediocre Maryland team.  We aren’t impressed by Villanova, but for some reason they are #3 in the country so we will make them #3 in our rankings.  Also big man ‘Youph’ is still out due to an undisclosed infection and is missing out on valuable experience time.


4. Cincinnati (4-1) Previously: 11

Also making a big move up this week.  The Bearcats were very impressive in their tournament beating two ranked teams in Maryland and Vandy, and only narrowly losing to Gonzaga in overtime.  Cincy is impressive, and has earned themselves #24 ranking.  They have the potential to be a top 5 team in the BIG EAST this year.  They  have the pieces.


5. Marquette (6-1) Previously: 10

We are putting Marquette way up, even above other undefeated teams.  We saw them play a couple times this week and they look good.  Dispite a one point loss to a good Florida State, the Golden Eagles have challenged themselves in the OCC and have been doing well.  They are a scrappy bunch and Buzz Williams is doing a great job over there.


6. Georgetown (4-0) Previously: 7

The Hoyas haven’t really done anything impressive yet, but they haven’t done anything to hurt there cause.  They have some great players on that team, but it will be interesting to see what they do when they meet up with some decent competition.


7. Connecticut (4-1) Previously: 6

We think UConn is probably better than Georgetown, but that loss to Duke was dissappointing.  Besides the LSU game they haven’t impressed and Duke gave them a lesson in rebounding; however, a quick look at this team and you know that they will be competing for a BIG EAST title, especially when Ater Majok joins up with the team this winter.  He could be a beast… watch out.


8. Pittsburgh (5-1) Previously: 9

Pitt has been great up until this point.  They lost to Texas, but there is really no shame in that.  Texas is as good as they come.  And even in that loss they played the horns tough.  They look to be doing well even with the departure of three standout players.  But than again you wouldn’t expect much else from a Jamie Dixon team.


9. Louisville (4-1) Previously: 2

A disappointing loss to undefeated UNLV was a set back, but the Cardinals are still a very good team.  Yes there first test was a loss, and they really don’t have another challenge until they meet up with in-state rival Kentucky, but you know a Rick Pitino team will be good, and this Louisville team has the players to be very good.  We think they are better than 9, but for this week it is the best we could give them.


10. St. John’s (5-0) Previously: 12

St. John’s is still without a loss and off to a very good start.  They beat decent competition in Siena and Temple, but they have Duke later this week.  We will be rooting for them, but we don’t expect the Red Storm to stay unbeaten for very long.


11. Seton Hall (4-0) Previously: 8

Seton Hall, like St. John’s still hasn’t experienced a loss.  The Pirates; however, have played nobody of mention to this point and will not until BIG EAST play starts.  Like Cincy, Seton Hall is thought to be a mover this year, but unlike Cincy, the Pirates have an easy OCC schedule which means we won’t know how good they are until BIG EAST play starts.


12. Notre Dame (6-1) Previously: 5

Notre Dame got of to a great start and we thought they had the schedule to be unbeaten going into the BIG EAST, but a disappointing beat down from a good Northwestern team didn’t sit well.  With UCLA in shambles, it appears the Irish lost there only OCC test.


13. Southern Florida (6-1) Previously: 14

At 6-1 the Bulls are off to a nice start.  There only win this week came against week competition, but they have won the games they were supposed to win, which is more than we can say about other teams up until this point.  Like we said last week, don’t expect USF to be big time movers this year, but don’t expect them to be an easy win anymore.


14. DePaul (4-1) Previously: 15

DePual is of to a good start as well at 4-1.  They have a win over St. Joe’s, but that isn’t too impressive.  A game against Vandy this week and Mississippi State next week will be a better indication of where the Blue demons stand this year, but this week they stand at the #14 spot.


15. Providence (4-2) Previously: 12

A big win over a good Vermont team was followed by a bad loss to a struggling Boston College team.  The Friars two losses have been close and to major conference teams, but they needed to be wins.  This week PC has two road games against solid competition.  It will take them two good wins to escape the cellar of the PFB Power Rankings.


16. Rutgers (3-2) Previously: 16

There loss to Vermont was made only worse by how badly Providence beat them.  They beat a bad UMass team and got beat by Florida.  This week is kind to the Scarlet Knights as all they have lined up is Princeton.  The rest of the OCC isn’t too bad for Rutgers, but we will see what they do with it.

  1. David says:

    Cincy looks legit this year, but I don’t know if Marquette will be able to keep up the pace. Syracuse has definitely played like the best team so far, and especially without Yarou, Villanova might have a more difficult BE season than ppl expected.

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