UConn vs. Duke: How Good is the BIG EAST

Posted: November 27, 2009 in Big East, Miscellaneous
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If you read this blog than you are a fan of college basketball and therefore are probably very aware that #13 UConn and #7 Duke will be meeting today at Madison Square Garden for the championship game of the NIT Season Tip-off.  As fans of college basketball we will certainly be watching.  This is a great matchup for so many reasons.  Primarily because of the coaching matchup.  Coach Calhoun and Coach K have combined for over 1600 wins and have had battles on the court in the past.  This has the potential to be a really good game, which is awesome to see this early on in the season. 

The game also has significant implications for the BIG EAST.  Coming into the season the BIG EAST was put behind the ACC, the Big XII, and Big Ten by many college experts.  There is no doubt that relative to the last two years this is a down year for the BIG EAST but early on they appear to be the strongest, and certainly the deepest conference in the country.  Without even getting into the ridiculous conference record the BIG EAST has built in the first few weeks of the season just look at what teams have been able to do.  Syracuse rolling through the best of the ACC and the PAC 10.  Cincy putting away Vandy and Maryland, and Marquette winning over Michagan.  These are just a few of the statements BIG EAST teams have made in the early goings.  And two of them came from teams not expected to finish within the top five of the league.  The BIG EAST is good.

But tonight UConn has another chance to make a statement.  We aren’t sure if it would be as big as Syracuse picking apart Cal and North Carolina, but it would be big.  Duke is the favorite coming in, and UConn’s wins have been less than impressive, but a big time game at MSG could be a big time oppurtunity for the Huskies and the BIG EAST.  Duke has been pretty good, but we think we could have a pretty good game on our hands.

So we ask this: As a rival of UConn, but BIG EAST supporters (and ACC haters) who should we be rooting for?  We would probably say that we want UConn to win, because out of conference wins that really don’t hurt PC at all only make the conference stronger, so that when we play these BIG EAST teams later, and hopefully upset some of them, they will be more meaningful.  Feel free to let us know what you think.  As a PC fan are you going to be pulling for UConn or looking for Duke to get the W???

  1. David says:

    I will definately be watching this game. But I will not be rooting for UCan’t. In this situation i would usually root for the BE team but not when that BE team is UCan’t. I hear you about meaningful games later on, but that won’t matter that much as far as PC is concerned. I will never root for them… Go Duke!

    • friarsbasketball says:

      Thanks for the comment David. Fair enough. We were conflicted to begin with. You are right in that in the big scheme of things, from Providence’s perspective, it isn’t that important. We just grew up not really liking Duke. I guess what we are really hoping for is an entertaining game. That would be good.

  2. Friarblog says:

    It pains me, but you gotta root for our BEAST brethren at all times…Not only is it good for the conference as a whole, but it helps our RPI too — We only have UCONN on our schedule.

    I hate UCONN as much as the next Friar fan, but I tend to back the Big East in any OOC matchup.

  3. SM says:

    Personally, I was rooting for a meteor strike to take out both teams. Then everyone wins.

  4. friarsbasketball says:

    It pained us too but, we were rooting for UConn, even though we wouldn’t have minded the meteor situation. It was a good game for the first hald, but that must have been a difficult loss to swallow for UConn fans. Duke’s shooting percentage was terrible but they still won. The Huskies got absolutely owned on the offensive glass. Also they missed about a million shots and putbacks within half a foot of the rim.

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