PFB Weekly BIG EAST Power Rankings (Week 2)

Posted: November 23, 2009 in PFB Weekly BIG EAST Power Rankings

Alright so this is a thing that we are going o try and do every week (on Monday) during the season.  We judge it on a number of things including the quality of opponents, margin of victory, RPI, all that good stuff, and some things just based on our own opinion (which is why if you look at the numbers our picks won’t always match up).  What is comes down to though is that there will inevitably be differences in opinion… which is where the fun is.  We are nothing official, so feel free to comment and tear the list apart or whatever.  We would love to know who you think is moving up and who is on the slide.  One note for the first couple weeks though… at this point with the season having barely started  its almost impossible to separate some of these teams.  They all have a lot of wins and most of them have come over opponents too obscure to properly judge so this week and next we might be very questionable.  We think once the season really gets going it won’t be as much of a problem.  But here it is… PFB’s Weekly BIG EAST Power Rankings (Week 2):

1.  Syracuse (4-0)

You have to like what the Orange did this week.  Wins over #12 Cal and #4 UNC.  Syracuse played in a difficult tournament and won it impressively.  So much for that exhibition loss against LeMoine.  No question here, Syracuse is at the top of this weeks list.


2.  Louisville (3-0)

Most people would probably put Nova here but we like what Louisville is doing right now.  Especially with their win over Arkansas.  Louisville often gets off to a slow start but so far they are looking good this year.  They have the pieces to be very good.


3.  Villanova (5-0)

We’ve dropped the BE favorites to three.  We are sure most people will think they are better than Louisville, but hear us out.  They beat a ranked team in Dayton (who at 2-2 as already lost their ranking) and a solid Ole Miss team but struggled to get past a very young George Mason.  They are young and have a lot of questions.  Scottie Reynolds had been taking a vacation in Puerto Rico until he got things going for the Cats against Ole Miss. Great wins for Nova, but not overly impressive.


4.  West Virginia (1-0)

Only 1-0 but we will keep them near the top because of the potential they have.  But, Ebanks needs to get back to Morgantown quickly if the Mountaineers are going to run through their out of conference schedule.  We wish him well.


5.  Notre Dame (4-0)

Notre Dame has not been challenged yet, but has disposed all of the teams they have played so far.  They are off to a good start with Harangody leading the way and a some good play from transfer Ben Hansbrough.  The Out of conference schedule is a friendly one for the Irish so look for them to make a run at an undefeated start to the season.


6. Connecticut (3-0)

Wins have been less than impressive for the Huskies.  Got away from a Hofstra scare, but you have to like the talent on this team.  We figure they will probably move up the list soon but for now its only the 6 spot.


7.  Georgetown (3-0)

We watch the Hoyas barely escape with a win over a good temple team.  Its only early in the season but we were less than impressed.  It will be interesting to see how Georgetown turns out this year.  It looks like their offense is sluggish, but besides that its difficult to get a clear read on them just yet.


8.  Seton Hall (3-0)

The Pirates are off to a 3-0 start and will most likely be able to extend their unbeaten streak a little bit longer.  Lots of people have the Seton Hall as a mover in the BE this year but their wins early have not been convincing.  Also the suspension of Keon Lawrence has hurt them.


9.  Pittsburgh (3-0)

Pitt is building back up after losing some standouts from last years team.  They haven’t gotten the most love early on, but you have to love what Jamie Dixon can do on the sidelines.  Watch out for Ashton Gibbs, he is the real deal.


10.  Marquette (3-0)

They have had three convincing wins.  Granted none have come against mentionable teams, but than again neither have most other teams.  Marquette has looked good in the early going, but it is too early to tell with them.  Their out of conference schedule isn’t the easiest so we will have a better idea soon.


11.  Cincinnati (2-0)

Like Seton Hall the Bearcats are supposed to be movers this year.  We could have easily put them higher put they have only had two wins, one of which was not very convincing.  Its early, but Cincy has the potential to be good this year; however, we need some more convincing.


12.  St. John’s (3-0)

The Johnies are 3-0 but have barely escaped on top in a couple of their games.  If they were not returning their entire starting line-up and we would probably have put PC in the twelve spot.  But for now its the Red Storm.  A Friday night game against Siena may cause problems this week for St. John’s.


13.  Providence (3-1)

After a disappointing loss to Alabama on the road the Friars are near the bottom of the pack.  They are young and inexperienced but a week with two winnable games against decent competition could get PC back on track as they head into a difficult spot in their out of conference schedule.


14.  South Florida (4-1)

The Bulls are 4-1, only losing to a good South Carolina team.  There wins have been good and like PC they could easily be put over St. John’s in the list.  USF is improved this year.  Don’t look for them to make a big jump in the league, but don’t look for the to be an easy win anymore… especially when they are at home.


15.  DePaul (2-1)

A new look for the Blue Demons this year but so far nothing too impressive.  Their wins haven’t been great.  Their best game came in a hard fought loss to Tennessee.  DePaul will have to take on St. Joe’s this week which will give a better indication of where they stand.


16.  Rutgers (2-1)

Not good.  They have barely won the games they wound up winning and had a bad loss, giving up the lead, to Vermont at the RAC.  Mike Rosario has been good thus far,  but they will need more production out of Florida transfer Jonathan Mitchell.  This has the potential to be a long season for the Scarlet Knights.


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