Postgame: Alabama takes down PC

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Postgame
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Providence College went down to The University of Alabama last night in overtime, 84 – 75.  After a strong first half the Friars shot just under 35% in the second half while Alabama was shooting over 50%.  Evenwith the shooting percentage drop-off the Friars still looked like they were more than capable of winning the game, until in the last minute they gave it up with costly turnovers.  A one point game quickly turned to a 9 point win for the Crimson Tide.  Greedy Peterson led the Friars with 27 points and 14 rebounds.  Marshon Brooks, coming back from an ankle injury suffered last week, put in 22 points.  The Crimson Tide were led by Mikhail Torrance who finished with 26 points.  With the win Alabama moves to 2-1 and the loss puts the Friars at 3-1; joining USF as the only other BIG EAST team with a loss.

Sorry for the late recap, but we needed some time to recover from that loss.  There is always something more difficult about the first loss, and we aren’t sure why that is.  Its not like we planned to go undefeated or even close to it, but that first loss just never sits well.  At least it wasn’t a home game to Northeastern or anything…  Anyway besides the pain of the first loss of the season, this loss was especially hard to take.  It was a winnable game for PC.  They had the ball with the lead and let it just slip away.  It was a new team doing the things that Friars fans have been accustomed to seeing.  Staying positive we would say that there are so many newcomers that hopefully it was just more of a function of their first road game.  What is frustrating is that this was a game of opportunity.  A chance for a young team to get a win over a recognizable (major conference school) but very beatable team on the road.  There was a lot of confidence that could be built from this game and it could have been a win.

Another thing that didn’t sit well was the game Sharaud Curry played.  If PC is going to win these game they need a more balanced attack.  More balanced in that Marshon and Greedy cannot be the only ones putting up points in large numbers.  There has to be a third major contributer and that is Sharaud.  Now listen, we love Sharaud, and the fact is that he just had an off game, it really isn’t anything to worry about, but the only problem is that given the state of the team this year we cannot afford for Sharaud to have an off game.  We are confident that Sharaud will be back to his normal self when PC takes on Vermont.

On a positive note it looked as though Greedy got rid of his point-blank shooting woes.  He had a monster game, really keeping the Friars in it, and was once again an absolute monster on the boards.  We think, and we are not being to adventurous to say, that Greey could really average a double double this season.  Another bright spot was that Marshon looked healthy, which was essential to PC success.  He seemed to think his ankle was alright and his points total suggested the same thing.  He did have the costly turnover at the end, but it is good to see that he has nicely stepped up into a leadership role on this team and has taken full responsibility:

“I was too loosey-goosey with the basketball.  I was playing around with my defender too much, and I could have gone right by him. I had seven turnovers. That’s my fault.”


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