Welcome: Ron Giplaye

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Player Updates, Recruiting

Twitter_Logo_normalRon Giplaye is a 6’7″ Foward from Lowell, MA.  he comes to the Friars by way of Notre Dame 695608Prep (one time home of Greedy Peterson and Michael Beasley), which finished last season ranked 5th in the nation.  Giplaye is regarded as the seventh best player in New England.  Ryan Hurd, Norte Dame Prep Coach, had this to say about Giplaye:

“I had Jeff Adrien and Ron’s that type of player.  He makes people’s lives miserable.  He’s strong; he’s like a man playing with boys.  Guys back down from him.”

Giplaye, like Gerard Coleman is a product of the BABC AAU program.  A coach within the program had this to say:

“He has such a knack for scoring in the low post, his rebounding numbers are uncanny, and he’s a big guy who retrieves his own misses.”

ESPN had this to say:

An absolute beast physically, Giplaye has tremendous upper bodu strength and good athleticism.  He’s fearless on the interior, thrives on contact, runs well, dunks with both hands, and is a tremendous rebounder…

imagesRon Giplaye looks like a great score for PC.  In the past PC has lacked big men that “thrive on contact.”  He may be a bit undersized but his strength and toughness seem like they will make up for that.  It’s also great when you can keep good players close to home.  We are really happy at the thought of Ron Giplaye suiting up for the Friars.  We would like to welcome Ron Giplaye to Providence.  We wish him a successful and healthy senior season and look forward to seeing him out on the court next year.


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