BIG EAST… Nation’s 4th Best Conference

Posted: November 10, 2009 in Big East, Rankings
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Andy Katz of ESPN ranked all 32 conferences.  He had the BIG EAST as the fourth best behind the Big Ten, the Big Twelve,big east basketball logo and the ACC.  Here is what he had to say about the BIG EAST:

4. Big East: The league may not have a top-seeded team in 2010 after getting three last season (Louisville, UConn, Pitt), but the strength of the league from 1-16 has gotten better. The bottom of the league has risen up with Seton Hall and St. John’s having a real shot at an NCAA bid. West Virginia should be the favorite, despite Villanova’s high ranking. But the Wildcats, Connecticut, Georgetown, Syracuse and possibly Louisville will be in play for bids. So, too, should Notre Dame, with the possible player of the year in Luke Harangody. Cincinnati, with maybe the freshman of the year in Lance Stephenson, and Seton Hall are sleeper teams that could also rise up into the top four in the league. And never discount Pitt under Jamie Dixon. Toss in the Red Storm as the only team that returns all five starters, and the Big East has 11 of its 16 teams thinking NCAAs.

imagesIt is clear the BIG EAST is not the power that is was last year.  Just too many great players left.  We think the BIG EAST should have been ranked third ahead of the ACC, but it is really irrelevant in the long run.  We like what Katz had to say, and as we have been saying all along, we think West Virginia should be the favorite.  No mention of PC, but as we have said, it would be tough to get love from anyone outside of Providence considering all the new faces on the team, but that’s ok because once again we will be underdogs all of the time and will have the opportunity to surprise some people as the season goes on.


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