Postgame: PC vs. Stonehill

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Postgame
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Providence took down the Stonehill College Skyhawks this past Saturday at the Dunk 91-55.  The Friars were led in scoring, once againstonehill, by Marshon Brooks, who looked confident and in control out on the court; however the real story of the night was Greedy Peterson.  After redshirting all of last season, and being held out of scrimmages and exhibitions up until this point, this was the first chance to see Greedy in a long time.  He certainly did not disappoint.  Greedy finished with 20 points, 10 rebounds (six offensive), four blocked shots, and two steals… a double double in his first game in over a year.  But these points didn’t just come on put-backs and high flying dunks as Friar fans might assume when recalling Greedy Peterson’s play; Greedy knocked down two three pointers, and was more active in the dribble-drive.  Greedy told Paul Kenyon of the ProJo this:

“I’m feeling real comfortable now.  I’m not getting away from the basket, but I want to have an inside-outside game.”

Greedy; however, is still the jumping jack he always was and was able to elevates and connect on several dunks.

The Friars next game, and season opener, will come against Bryant University at the Dunkin’ Donuts center in the World Vision Invitational on November 13.

imagesSorry for the delay in the Postgame.  Once again this is only a D-2 team in an exhibition game; however, this is what we needed to see.  Marshon once again looked really good offensively and PC was able to make 12 threes as opposed to 6 last game in a comparable number of attempts.  As we said in the recap though the story is clearly Greedy Peterson’s big game.  We had been really anxious to see him play.  We have heard that he was dominating in practice and had really improved in his redshirt season…  He did not disappoint.  He was a beast out there.  Inside and out, on both sides of the ball he played a great game, especially since it has been over a year since he last played.  What we really liked to see was Greedy connecting from three.  He is an undersized big man so the ability to spread the floor and create mismatches with bigger slower forwards will be necessary for him to have success.  All those extra hours we have seen him put in just shooting three pointers in the Peterson Recreation Center has clearly paid off.

Greedy has emerged as a new player, and he did great against Stonehill, but we are anxious to see how it translates to D-1 teams when the3393978season really starts up.

Besides Greedy, the Friars cleaned up what they needed to from last game and played good ball.  Most importantly the shooting percentage was good, which is always a good sign when you have a guard heavy, three happy team.  Besides that PC took better care of the ball and looked more like a unit that last game.  Also, they only gave up 55 points which means that there was some effort on defense (There have been a lot of other BIG EAST teams that have failed to limit their D-2 opponents scoring.  All good signs, which is good coming in the week where we lost a potential recruit.  They are making progress quickly, which is good because the season is upon us.  Hopefully they continue to improve to ready themselves for the hard Out of Conference games and the BIG EAST.

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