Recruiting: Collier Picks Oregon State

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Recruiting
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Zagsblog is reporting that Devon Collier has committed to Oregon State.  Collier picks Oregon State over St. John’s, Seton Hall*Jul 09 - 00:05*, and Providence.  Coach Craig Robinson, formerly of Brown, had pegged Collier as his number one guy and won out the battle.  Collier had this to say (from Zagsblog):

“[Robinson] is a cool person. He’s fun to talk to. He has a  good sense of humor. He’s smart. It’s not because he’s the President’s brother-in-law. He’s a good person in general. The staff that’s around him, they’re good, too.”

Bob Hurley said Collier liked Oregon State’s style of play, which emphasizes the play of the forwards.

“They play with the forwards handling the ball.  If he works he can become a better shooter. They like him as a kid that can move in the zone, rebound, get deflections.”

imagesRobinson worked Collier pretty hard all along and it paid off.  Although Collier would have fit great into PC’s style, PC didn’t fit onto Collier’s style.  As we know PC has become a guard heavy team with an emphasis on perimeter play and running the floor.  Collier wanted a more active role in the offense, and for that you can’t blame him.  We are just surprised that he is headed out to the Pac-10 instead of playing in the best conference in basketball.  We know Robinson has improved that team but, Oregon State is a bad team in an ok conference, that receives almost no national exposure.  But when it came down to it it was Oregon State he wanted.  It is unfortunate that PC will never get a chance to play him, to show him what he could have been a part of.  But Collier made the right decision for him and you cannot hold that against him… We wish Devon Collier well in his senior year at St. Anthony’s and as he continues his basketball career at Oregon State.


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