CBS Sports Big East Preview

Posted: November 4, 2009 in Big East, Preview, Rankings
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Gary Parrish of CBS Sports put out his Big East Preview Today.  In it he ranks each team and gives a little blurb aboutcbs_sports_logo them.  His predictions are pretty much in line with most everybody else’s, except he has UConn at #2 and West Virginia at #3.  Parrish put Providence at #14 saying this:

14. Providence

Keno Davis is similar to Williams at Marquette in that his first year was better than anticipated, but his second year could be rough. Five players who averaged at least eight points per game are gone, among them Weyinmi Efejuku (15.7 ppg). It should clear the way for Sharaud Curry to increase his scoring load significantly, and Marshon Brooks (33 points in the Friars’ first exhibition) could have a breakout season. But it’s still difficult to envision Providence competing in the top half of this league. Too much was lost at the same time.

imagesWe really like Parrish as a writer and must say that his assessment is fair, and on target.  it would be hard for anybody to pick Providence finishing anywhere under 12 given what they lost and all the inexperienced new faces coming in.  This doesn’t mean that Providence can really surprise some people this season though, because as underdogs we really could.

The bright spot in his predictions was that he choose Marshon Brooks to be the Breakthrough Player of the year.  Hopefully he is right on this one, because for PC to finish better than 14th, we are going to need Marshon to be a leader and a consistent scorer this year.

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