Postgame: Providence over Merrimack

Posted: November 1, 2009 in Postgame
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Providence_College_2PC took down the Merrimack College Warriors yesterday afternoon 97 to 74 in the first game held at Alumni Hall in over 30 years.  Providence got off to a slow start andwarrior-new the tight officiating didn’t help (Merrimack shot 27 free throws in the first half).  The first half moved slowly and PC jump shots were far and few between.  In the second half PC began to put some distance between themselves at Merrimack.  The Friars were led by Marshon Brooks’ game high 33 points.  Bilal Dixon and Sharuad Curry added 16 and 15 respectively.  Dixon also had 15 rebounds.  Alumni Hall provided an exciting atmosphere for an exhibition game although throughout the game the heat in the building was an issue.  Marshon Brooks had this to say:

“I loved it but it was hot.  It was very, very hot. I cramped up at the end.  This is fine but just once.  We need the Dunk back.”

Brooks will get his wish when PC takes on Stonehill on November 7 at the Dunk. A few other notes:  Greedy Peterson did no play in Saturday’s exhibition due to a sore thigh.  He has, however, been practicing regularly.  Also the Friars broke out their new Nike Jerseys for the season.

imagesPC beat up on a very good D-2 team, which was to be expected, even with all the new faces on the court.  We thought the goals going into this game should have been lock down defense, good jump shooting, and an absence of sloppy play.  The defense was there (granted there were a ton of fouls, but some of those were questionable), but so was the sloppy play, and the shooting wasn’t.  There were a few too many missed lay-ups and put backs.  Also, at times, people were careless with the ball.  But, this was the first time these guys are playing with each other, and for many their first collegiate competition so there is no reason to be too hard on anyone.  What was not as ok was the 6 for 26 from behind the arc.  That is a stat that is going to have to change if PC wants to be competitive.

Enough with the negatives though.  There were a lot of bright spots.  The play of Vince Council was great.  He looks like he will be a serious contributor this year.  His speed, ball-handling, and court vision were all clearly visible in Saturday’s exhibition.  What we thought was the best part of his game was his defense.  It seemed like he was able to get his hands on loose balls and in the passing lanes, and get behind defenders and just take the ball from them.  Bilal Dixon was another bright spot.  He seems to be the new Jon Kale, with his enthusiasm and toughness down low.  The brightest spot was Marshon Brooks.  His 33 points were impressive, but his confidence and control on the court was really good to see… PC will need more of it as the season goes on.

Alright this post is already a little too long, but there was one other serious positive: PC switched up there uniforms.  First they got rid of those terrible button ups from last season, and they also switched over to the Nike jerseys that a lot of other teams are wearing (UNC, Syracuse, Texas).  They look clean and sharp.  They have player names on the back and a swooshing design on the pants.  Our only complaint is that there is no Friar logo anywhere we saw on the pant.  We will try to get pictures of them up as soon as possible.

Last, we wish Merrimack the best of luck this season as they compete for the NE-10 title, and a post-season run.


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