Mal Brown Scrimmage

Posted: October 25, 2009 in Miscellaneous
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The annual Mal Brown Scrimmage took place yesterday at Alumni Hall.  The Black Team beat the Silver Team 43 to 32.  For the Black Team Marshon Brooks led in scoring with 18 points.  He was3753554

joined on the team by Brian McKenzie, Bilal Dixon, Vincent Council, Johhnie Lacy, and Kadeem Batts.  The Silver Team was led by freshman Duke Mondy with 11 points.  Russ Permenter, Kyle Wright, James Still, and Luke Burchett, and the walk-ons made up the rest of the Silver Team.  This year the game was shortened to only one 20 minute half.  Neither Greedy Peterson or Sharaud Curry played in the scrimmage due to minor injuries.  They both practiced on Friday but were held out as a precautionary measure.  Keno Davis coached the Black Team and Rodell

imagesWe had been waiting quite some time to see all the newcomers out on the court, but went to the scrimmage unsure of what we’d see.  Now before we say anything we understand that it is only one week into practice, and that it is practically a whole new team out there.  The scrimmage was less than impressive.  Marshon Brooks played very well, which of course is a great sign because we will need him to be a major contributer this year, but after Marshon the performances were lackluster.  It just seemed as though nobody could find any sort of consistent shot, which for a team that relies on threes isn’t a great sign.  Also it was really weird not seeing the usual crew suit up.  No Weyinmi, or Geoff, or Jon Kale… it was weird.

Out of all the newcomers, the two that we thought were most impressive were Vincent Council and Duke Mondy.  Duke led the Silver Team in scoring and really controlled the team.  His outside shot looked good and he looked confident.  Vincent Council, PC’s highest ranked recruit this year, also looked good.  He was as advertised.  A more than capable guard with exceptional speed, quickness, and ball handling skills.  He needs to work on his scoring game, but his defense was the best on the floor.  He had a number of steals, that were just pain taking the ball from his man.  For a team that lacked defense last year, he will be a nice addition.  Kyle Wright also looked good out on the floor and so did James Still, although he needs to add on to his frame before he can be a contributor to the team down low.

So this years Mal Brown Scrimmage was very interesting, but left a lot of room for improvement.  But, two probable starters in Greedy Peterson and Sharaud Curry did not play, so maybe with them in the lineup things might have looked different (especially sense, word is that Greedy has been great in practice).  Either way the facts are this: this is a brand new team leaving a lot of unknowns.  There is going to have to be an adjustment period, we can only hope that it isn’t too long.  the early part of the schedule should be good warm-ups for the team, but looking around at the logos of the other Big East teams in Alumni Hall, it was clear that we have work to do before we can think about playing the likes of UConn, Syracuse, West Virginia, etc.  But this is a new start for the Friars, and hopefully it is the start of good times.  There is a lot of talent on this team.


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