Sharaud Curry

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Miscellaneous, Player Updates
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There is a great article over at the ProJo by Kevin McNamara about Sharaud Curry and 3538706his role as the leader this year for the Friars. He talks about how Curry thinks that although, PC is bringing the youngest, least experienced team to the Big East this year, that they are ready to win games now.  He also gets into how Curry will be the guy that all the newcomers will look up to.  For advice, for leadership, and for security.  Kadeem Batts admitted that Curry was a big reason why he chose PC:

“One of the reasons I came to the school is I knew we’d have a veteran point guard like Sharaud around.  He’ll really help me out. I think you can win with a point guard like him and young big men. It’s a lot harder to win in college basketball with young guards.”

Besides his role as a leader Curry might also be taking on another slightly different role this year according to Coach Keno Davis.  With true point guards Johnnie Lacy and Vincent Council on the floor Curry will be asked to move to the off guard position more often and beat teams with his shooting.  Coach Keno Davis said:

“He’s one of the best shooters in the league, so I would have no problem having him on the court with another point guard. We’ll be quicker and we have to find a way to get (Curry) shots.”

The Friars might have a new look this year but they still have Sharuad Curry.  Curry has sharaud+curry+vs+depaul+big+east+tournamentbattled injury and disappointment, but he is not letting the preseason predictions interfere with his last year in a Friar’s uniform.  Curry is confident this year won’t be a disappointment, so confident it has spread to his teammates.

“If I’m out there and healthy, I’ll have a great year and the team will, too.”

images We love Sharaud.  What is there not to like.  He is an undersized guard who gives it his all on every play.  He has an unbelievable work ethic, and is a good teammate.  It would be easy for him to write off this year.  To be disappointed his injury prevented him from leaving school with the rest of his class and has left him burdened with an almost entirely new team, but he is not.  Curry has hung in there and excepted his role as a mentor and a leader on this team both on and off the court.  He also has graciously accepted that he will not be bringing up the ball all the time because the team needs him as a shooter (recall his almost single handed take down of Villanova that fell just short last year).

We are confident that in his new role and with some help bringing up the ball Curry will be relieved of some of the pressures he faced last year and will emerge as one of the best guards in the Big East.  We say that with complete confidence.  We are just really happy Curry is in black and white, and we hope he has a great last year at PC.

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