Recruiting: Young Gets Messy

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Recruiting
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Kevin McNamara over at the ProJo reported that the verbal commitment from Joe YoungJOSEPHYOUNG7_14200 last week is far from a done deal.  In an article in the Houston Chronicle by Steve Campbell it was reported that Young’s father, a coach in the University of Houston program, was disappointed his son wanted to play at PC and not at UH.

“I’m really ashamed.  I’m really ashamed for me to be a basketball coach here, and my son is a good basketball player, and he’s not coming here.”

The article goes on to say that although Young has given a verbal to PC Young’s father and the rest of the UH basketball program will be recruiting Joe Young very intensely right through the November signing period.  In the mean time Coach Keno Davis has still been exploring other options, including a visit to Devon Collier at St. Anthony’s in New Jersey this past Friday.

images So apparently Joe Young isn’t a done deal.  It’s ok.  Considering how he knew his father was going to take things it seems as though there must of been something that really stood out about PC for Young.  Maybe he just really wanted to move away from the Houston area, maybe he liked the idea of an up-tempo three point oriented offense, or the thought of playing in the Big East, or maybe it was something else.  The point is it probably took something very desirable for Young to choose PC in the first place so we are guessing it will take a lot for him to leave, but than again family is always an X-factor.

For the time being we wish Joe Young the best of luck with his father and in choosing the school that is right for him.  We’d love to have him at PC.  But in the mean time Coach Keno has been doing a good job keeping other options open.

  1. jay says:

    You guys are wrong about joseph’s father, His father actually doesnt want him to go to houston!

  2. friarsbasketball says:

    Jay thanks for the comment. We posted this story after reading about it in both “The Providence Journal” and “The Houston Chronicle” (both of which have links within the body of the post). As we try to cover PC recruiting we thought this story was relevant. In the follow up post on September 17, 2009 Michael Young said how happy he was that Joe was a Friar, which we were glad to hear. But, at this point, as far as we are concerned, this is water under the bridge. We are just really happy the Joe is a Friar (and its and added bonus that his dad is on board with that). We think he will be a great fit and really add to our future success. And we are especially excited to see his three point shooting.

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