09-10 Roster Updated / Number Assignments

Posted: September 2, 2009 in Player Updates
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The 2009-2010 roster has been updated on the PC Athletic Site, and freshman have been assigned numbers.  Head on over to Twitter_Logo_normalsee a small player profile on each player.  In the mean time here are the new number assignments:

Kadeem Batts – #10

Vincent Council – #32

Xavier Davis – #15

Johnnie Lacy – #3

Duke Mondy – #1

Russ Permenter – #44

James Still – #45

Kyle Wright – #5

*Greedy Peterson – #21

imagesJust another sign that the season is getting closer.  Thank goodness.  There isn’t too much to say about numbers except it looks like Greedy Peterson is now going to be wearing #21 instead of #15 which makes since given that #15 has now been retired for PC great Ernie DiGregorio; however, it appears Xavier Davis will be wearing #15.  First of all we’re not sure why someone else would be given that number, and second is that we aren’t sure who Xavier Davis is.

With the schedule being released, the season soon approaching, and so many new faces we are going to try and give a little player bio with expectations every couple of days for the new players on the team.  We have almost a whole new team, so we better get familiar with them.


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