Joe Mazzulla Reinstated by West Virginia

Posted: August 29, 2009 in Big East, Miscellaneous
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team_logo_13140The Charleston Daily Mail reported Joe Mazzulla of West Virginia was reinstated to play for the Mountaineers by Coach Bob HugginsMazzulla, a Mazzulla_BIOJohnston, Rhode Island native, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in court earlier this month.  He was accused of grabbing a woman by the throat in a Morgantown bar leading to his second arrest within a year.  His first ended in him and teammate Cam Thoroughman pleading guilty to public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

Mazzulla was sentenced to a $100 dollar fine and 40 hours of community service.  He also is believed to have entered counseling.

Mazzulla returns from a medical redshirt and as the only PG on the team as Darryl “Truck” Bryant is still suspended from unrelated incidents.

imagesJoe Mazzulla’s reinstatement is relevant for a couple of reasons.  First is that West Virginia had no point guards as the two on the roster were both suspended.  With Mazzulla’s return the Mountaineers have someone to run the offense.  With West Virginia and Villanova competing for the top spot in the Big East the impact of Mazzulla’s return is magnified.  Mazzulla is a very good basketball player, and as we have seen in the past two years here at Providence having a good PG makes a huge difference (Sharaud – no Sharaud).  We aren’t saying that this makes West Virginia better than Villanova all of the sudden but it will help level the playing field.  Mazzulla, a great defender, could help stop an already offensively inconsistent Scottie Reynolds.  Plus look back to what West Virginia did to Villanova last year.  Anyway there is no reason to go further into this than Mazzulla makes West Virginia a better team by far, which is important as they battle for the Big East title this year.

The next thing is the fact that Mazzulla was reinstated.  Mazzulla has had two arrests in the past year… and has never missed a game because of it (he missed a large part of last season due to injury resulting in a medical redshirt season).  Maybe we’d like to say it’s just Bob Huggins and West Virginia letting things slide but looking around the league recently its not an isolated incident.  Look at Reggie Redding from Villanova.  Caught with marijuana and drug paraphernalia in a car , Redding will sit out the weak non conference schedule.  Not much considering what kind of damage he could have done but at least the University gave him a hard slap on the wrist.  But a hard slap on the wrist is at least something, and much more than West Virginia deemed necessary, so it was good that Villanova at least carried out a punishment.

Basically there are lots of problems with college basketball.  From (just mentioning a few here) Coach Calipari’s troubles at Memphis, to Coach Pitino’s at Louisville, Mazzulla at West Virginia, and Redding and Villanova, recruiting issues at UConn, this summer has shown that .  So although it is unfortunate, we guess that as PC fans we should at least be thankful our coaches, and our player, and our school isn’t in the spotlight for the wrong things this summer… and hopefully it stays that way.  But if something were to happen, hopefully the school would take proper action against it, even if it hurt our chances of winning.

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